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FindYourFate   .   17 Nov 2022   .   3 mins read

The Eclipses are rare and interesting celestial events. In any typical year, we may have a few lunar and solar eclipses. These two types of eclipses are highly significant for humans, both astronomically and astrologically. There are many scientific and astrological beliefs connected to the eclipses.

What is a solar eclipse?

Occasionally the Moon comes in the way of the Sun and the earth. This results in the Moon blocking most of the sun’s light entering the earth and is called as a Solar eclipse.

Dos and Don’ts during solar eclipse

Do not view a Solar eclipse with your naked eye, this might damage your eyesight and cause permanent blindness.

Do use a light filter or just project the sun’s image on a whiteboard using a telescope which can be then viewed without any harm.

Do take a bath before and after the eclipse as this helps to get rid of any micro-organisms in your body and also soothers your body and mind.

It is best advised not to eat during the course of an eclipse as during the solar eclipse the intensity of the solar radiations would not be good enough to disinfect our food.

Another reason to avoid food during the solar eclipse is digestion takes up lots of energy and during the eclipse period our energy levels would be very low in general.

However you can take boiled warm water to protect yourself.

Do not eat previously cooked food and fermented dishes during the eclipse, instead cook food after the eclipse is over and consume it.

It is better to stay indoors during a solar eclipse, especially pregnant women as it is found out that they would be lacking in energy and might swoon.

It is good to say your prayers or resort to some meditation to soothe your mind and body. Meditation increases your energy levels to cope with the eclipse energy around.

Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun comes in between the Moon and the earth blocking the visibility of the Moon from the earth.

Dos and Don’ts for a Lunar Eclipse

Do take a bath after the completion of a lunar eclipse as it gets rid of unwanted micro-organisms around which might infect you.

It is believed that during a lunar eclipse, food is exposed to harmful cosmic rays during a lunar eclipse and hence it is advised to abstain from eating during the period.

However unlike during a solar eclipse, pre-cooked and fermented foods can be taken after the completion of the lunar eclipse.

Freshly cooked food should be taken after the completion of the eclipse.

Also it is advised to avoid intercourse during the day of the lunar eclipse as the day is destined to be inauspicious one.

Do not sleep during a lunar eclipse as you would wake up tired after that.

Avoid close interaction with animals during the lunar eclipse as their energy levels would be off-grid during the lunar eclipse.

Take bath before and after the eclipse period.

Make donations to the poor and the needy.


1. Do not urinate or relieve yourself during the course of the eclipse as much as possible.

2. Do not sleep during the eclipse.

3. No oil bath should be taken during the eclipse.

Avoid driving vehicles during the eclipse time.

You should not cut vegetables or use knife as you might accidentally cut yourself.

By doing these simple remedies one can get rid of the evil effects of the lunar eclipse around.

General Eclipses- dos and dont’s

 Do not look at the Sun with your naked eyes, it will permanently damage your eyes

• Do not look at the Sun through a normal telescope or binoculars as it is harmful too.

• Do not  look at the Sun through cloud or fog r smog as enough harmful light will still pass through to damage your eyes.

• Do not  use sunglasses, smoked glass or welder’s glasses to look at the Sun, they still stand to damage your eyes.

• Do not use camera films/negatives to view the eclipse, they are harmful.

• Do not use specialist eclipses glasses or Mylar film that has been damaged, either scratched or has holes. This will result in you damaging your eyesight.


• Do use dedicated eclipse glasses made of Mylar film.

• Do not  use eclipse glasses continuously for a long time.

• Do use safe methods of observing the eclipse, such as projection through a telescope, or pinhole cameras.

• Do use specialist solar telescopes to view the eclipse.

• Do supervise children at all times during the eclipse viewing.

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