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2024 starts with your ruler, Mercury in Retrograde phase and then on the next day on January 2nd it turns direct. Expect the first half of January to have its own share of troubles and hindrances as Mercury takes time to gain speed in direct motion and its shadow period lingers on for quite sometime.

As February 2024 unwinds there would be a series of conjunctions in your sign, to start with Sun and Mercury are in exact conjunction, then Sun and Saturn go into conjunction and then as March creeps in there would be a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune. Expect some changes all along this path of conjunctions.

Then as April 2024 starts, your ruler Mercury gets intro retrograde motion. Stay away from any major starts for the next three weeks or so.

On the 20th of May, the luminary Sun enters your sign and kicks off the Gemini season. It would be  your birthday season and you would be surrounded by positive vibes.

Following the Sun, Venus enters your sign on the 23rd of May and would bless you  with prosperity and wealth.

A couple of days down the line, Jupiter too would be entering your sign on the 26th of May. It guides you to grow and expand. But make sure that you don’t get burnt down. You feel like finally you have made it, but a lot more needs to be done now. Before this, Jupiter would be transiting through your 12th house of Taurus. This would grant some of your long withheld wishes in life.

June 3rd would see your ruler Mercury entering your sign. This would be the best of your times for the year when your social and personal life reach a new peak.

Then on the 6th of June your sign hosts the New Moon bringing in opportunities for new starts.

And for the final say, Mercury gets into retrograde motion yet another time on the 26th of November which lasts till mid-December. Do note that all the Mercury retrograde phases happen in fire signs and your sign along with Virgo would feel most of the brunt this year. Have a Plan B ready for all these retrograde seasons.

Coinciding with the direct motion of Mercury, there would be a Full Moon in your sign. This Full Moon inspires you to reflect on how you express yourself.

Saturn spends the year in your 10th house of Pisces. This brings the focus on your career, your dreams  and aspirations. It teaches you some core life lessons through the transit.

Uranus travels through your 12th house of Taurus for all of 2024. This might make you to take a detour of your spiritual belief. Expect radical changes all along.

Neptune travels along with Saturn in your 10th house of career this year. This is likely to bring some confusion regarding your direction in life, illusions creep about the reality, lean on Saturn to direct you through some tough paths ahead.

Gemini, you are clever and is known for interesting ideas and talks. But the planets around the year might cross your path and impede your success, keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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