Healing Astrology

Vedic Astrology and Healing

Yoga in Healing:

the best yogic path for a person to follow:

First, sign of Udaya Lagna can indicate very general predisposition of Jiva based on Sanchita karma. Second, Atmakaraka can show lessons that Jiva must learn at current incarnation and virtuous to develop.

For example, Mars – ahimsa (kshanti-paramita of Mahayana), Venus, – control of passions and sensory inputs (shila paramita) and so on. Third, find Ishta-devata (it is a planet in twelfth house from Karakamsa lagna, position of Atmakaraka at Navamsha). It helps to establish contact with specific deity who guides soul to liberation. Qualities of Ishta-devata determine path associated with him and method for establishing contact. Fourth, analysis of Siddhamsa (D–24) chart can show capacity for Jnana Yoga and achievement of siddhis. Strong planets here show strong capacities for this path. Fifth, analysis of Vimshamsha (D–12) can show predisposition for Bhakti Yoga. Sixth, examination of chat on presence of spiritual yogas. For example: Parivraja yoga, Sanyasa yoga, Shakti yoga, Mahapurusha yoga, Tapasvi yoga, Sadhu yoga and some other. There are many other subtleties, which should be considered before coming to a definite conclusion. Also very important position and combination of planets, as representatives of dominant qualities, in certain houses and signs. Examination of occult (4, 8, 12) and trine (5, 9) houses is very important. Analysis of signs should not be neglected. Scorpio is important for Kundalini in general and Tantra sadhana in particular. Virgo is important for Hatha yoga. Aquarius and Leo related to religion and temples.

The planetary indications for the yoga of knowledge:

Jnana yoga is for mental types, who are largely of fire-air types. Jupiter and Mercury rule this yoga path, particularly as allied with fierily planets, Sun, Mars, and Ketu. The signs Aries, Gemini, and Leo are important. The power of Vichara and Prajna ruled by these planets is the key to its development. Jupiter-Ketu, Mercury-Ketu combinations are good for this, particularly if in occult (4, 8, 12) and trine (5, 9) houses. Strong position of these planets in Siddhamsa (D-24) chart. If lagna lord is a Sun or Moon and it is also an Atmakaraka, then it is a strong indication for predisposition to Jnana-marga. Devotees of Jnana yoga frequently have malefics in strength in trines houses (5, 9) to the Karakamsa Lagna (position of Atmakaraka at Navamsha). Some of the yogas, which give indications for the path of Jnana: Hamsa yoga, Sarasvati yoga, Amsavatara yoga, Guru-mangala yoga, Dhimanath yoga, Sharada yoga.

Yoga Healing

The indications for the yoga of devotion:

Moon, Venus and Jupiter – watery and feeling oriented planets, rule the Bhakti yoga. The signs of Taurus, Cancer and Pisces are important. Moon, Venus and Jupiter combinations allied with occult houses (4, 8, 12) and with 5-th aid in this. Strong planets in Vimshamsha (D-12) can show predisposition for Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti yogis generally have benefices in trines to Karakamsa Lagna, although they frequently have malefics in strength as strong as Yogakarakas in trines to Lagnamsa (lagna of the Navamsha chart).