Healing Astrology

Vedic Astrology and Healing


Ayurveda is a branch of Vedas (upaveda), which means "science of life". It serves as a system for diagnosis and treatment of ailments of body and mind (sharirika and manasika rogas). Ayurveda is a holistic system for dealing with human being on all levels (kshetras).

The three doshas or biological humors:

A word dosha means "a thing that can become deranged". Ayurveda classifies individuals on 3 Doshas. This classification is based on theory common for all Indian philosophy schools, – pancha maha bhutas (5 great elements). Each dosha has primary and secondary elements: Kapha, – water [apah] as a primary, earth [prithvi] as a secondary; Pitta, – fire [tejas] as primary and water [apah] as a secondary; Vata, – air [vaju] as a primary and space [akasha] as a secondary. Ayurvedic constitutional types, based on doshas, show the predominant element in the individual.

Healing Astrology

The limitations of medical astrology:

Medical astrology can determine physical constitution, basic health, longevity and disease tendencies, what kind of disease likely to occur and at what part of body and when most likely it will happen. Astrology reads our nature in such a broad and general way that daily and monthly fluctuations in health problems are hard to discern. Nor does astrology alone gives enough understanding of the appropriate tools of treatment.

The characteristics of Vata:

Vata, which is the principal of kinetic energy in the body, is mainly concerned with nervous system and control all body movements. At the cellular level Vata moves nutrients into and wastes out of cells. Air and space elements compose Vata. Dry, cold, light, irregular, mobile, rarefied, rough are characteristics for Vata dosha.

The sign Virgo in medical astrology:

Virgo, as a sixth sign of zodiac, governs the digestive nerves and is particularly important in determining disease potential. Virgo governs Vata dosha in general. As most diseases are of the air element and through weak digestion, planets in this sign tend to cause disease. However planes, which are beneficly disposed there, can make native a healer.

The importance of the sixth house in medical astrology:

Sixth house is similar to a Virgo sign, - it represents natives basic health and purity. Malefics there are usually good for health. Malefics, which are afflicted in sixth house, can cause much harm and show devitalization, disease and accumulation of waste materials. Benefics suffer in this house particularly if afflicted.