Comparison between Individual charts

Exchange between planets

Particularly important are the exchanges of male and female planets between the two charts, mainly the Sun and the Moon and Mars and Venus. The Sun in one chart may be conjunct the Moon in the other, for example.One's true Dharma is that of one's soul, our heart's vocation, not what society imposes upon us.

Yet most of what we call Dharma is revealed by our occupation in life, how we earn our livelihood.Under this concept are also included honor, position, status, fame, prestige and power.

Sun and Moon:

These show our social dharma and its effects, how our character affects the world.Generally, the woman surrenders her Sun to the man and the man surrenders his Moon to her. We can see from a woman's Sun how she relates to men generally. Its connection with the Sun of her partner shows us how she relates her partnership potential to him. Similarly, we can see from a man's Moon how he relates to women generally. Its connection with the Moon of his partner indicates his female relationship potential generally.

Exchanges of the man's Sun with the woman's Moon show a deep harmony of will and emotion. Such exchanges of luminaries, however, do not guarantee a marriage relationship. They show the potential for deep friendship and sympathy and are also often found in the charts of brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons or any close human tie.

Sun and Moon

Venus and Mars:

Mars and Venus show how we project our sexual energy. Venus in a man's chart shows how he projects his sexual energy onto women. Mars in a womans chart shows how she projects her sexual energy onto men.

Exchanges of Mars and Venus, particularly the mans Mars with the womans Venus give a very strong sexual attraction. This, however, is not always good for marriage. It may give a sexual attraction that blinds the person. Where the rest of the chart is not compatible, it can cause many difficulties. Yet where there is compatibility in the chart it can be an important aid in making the relationship stronger. Without some Venus-Mars attraction relationships may be of a more friendship or familial nature.

venus sun and moon

Mars, Sun and Moon:

Mars exhanges or aspects on the Sun and Moon, however, are not favorable. A mans Mars on a womans Moon is particularly difficult and causes emotional disharmony and conflict.

Mars sun and moon

Jupiter Exchanges:

Jupiter-Venus or Jupiter-Mars exchanges between charts are also good. They show an alliance between Dharma (Jupiter) and Kama (Mars and Venus). A womans Jupiter on a mans Mars or a mans Jupiter on a womens Venus are excellent for compatibility.