Rahu-Ketu Peyarchi Palangal for Simha Rasi (Leo Moon sign)

Rahu moves to your 11th house of Gemini, the house of gains this year.

Simha -  Singh  - Leo

Rahu Peyarchi Palangal

This would bless Simha Rasi natives with immense gains of finances for now. There would be good rapport with elders in family and profession. Career grows by leaps and bounds. Gains in all your endeavors. Happiness abounds in love and marriage as well for the natives. Overseas travels and ventures are particularly favored for Simha Rasi natives during this Rahu Peyarchi.

Ketu Peyarchi Palangal

Ketus transit into Gemini, the 5th house from the Moon sign is not a fine placement for Simha Rasi folks. You would be less interested in interacting with others at home and office. Try not to wait for luck to favor you, instead, make the first effort from your side. Execute good relationship with children/elders at home. Offer inspiring thoughts and words of advice to get them motivated. Although it is not a fearful time frame, it is advisable to stay safe.

Rahu Ketu Peyarchi Palangal for 12 Rasis

Mesham - mesha - Aries
Rishabham - rishaba - Taurus
Midhunam - Mithun - Gemini
Kadakam - Karka - Cancer
Simha -  Singh  - Leo
Kanni - Kanya - Virgo
Thulam - Thula - Libra
Vrichigam - Vrischika - Scorpio
Dhanusu - Dhanu - Sagittarius
Makaram - Makar - Capricorn
Kumbam - Kumbh - Aquarius
Meenam - Meen - Pisces


Rahu is the ascending node and Ketu is the descending node of Moon. They are called as the Dragon's head and the Dragon's tail in Western astrology. Rahu is a shadowy planet worshipped as a deity in Indian astrology. Rahu is said to rule all dark forces and black practices. Rahu is the planet that rules the activities of sudden losses or sudden profits.