Rahu-Ketu Peyarchi Palangal for Kanni Rasi (Virgo Moon sign)

Ketu transits to the 4th house of Sagittarius for Kanni Rasi folks this year.

Kanni - Kanya - Virgo

Rahu Peyarchi Palangal

This year, Rahu transits to the 10th house of Gemini for Kanni Rasi natives. This is a favorable transit and predicts much professional growth as the 10th house rules over ones' career prospects. New challenges would be broken and new heights would be reached in your professional field this period. Promotions, pay-hikes and myriad responsibilities come under your command. Some of you might travel owing to overseas assignments. And your long-pending ideas would now see the light of day.

Ketu Peyarchi Palangal

Ketu transits to the 4th house of Sagittarius for Kanni Rasi folks this year. This transit would give moderate results only. Things would not be that satisfactory in life. There might be misunderstandings with family and friends. A good time for some spring-cleaning at home. Avoid indulgence in food and other bad habits for the period. Maternal relationships need to be handled with extra care this season as the 4th house rules over mother and her family.

Rahu Ketu Peyarchi Palangal for 12 Rasis

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Kanni - Kanya - Virgo
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Vrichigam - Vrischika - Scorpio
Dhanusu - Dhanu - Sagittarius
Makaram - Makar - Capricorn
Kumbam - Kumbh - Aquarius
Meenam - Meen - Pisces


Rahu is the ascending node and Ketu is the descending node of Moon. They are called as the Dragon's head and the Dragon's tail in Western astrology. Rahu is a shadowy planet worshipped as a deity in Indian astrology. Rahu is said to rule all dark forces and black practices. Rahu is the planet that rules the activities of sudden losses or sudden profits.