Temple's Speciality:
Temple's Speciality:

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This is a Swayambu Jupiter temple.


Budha God




Zodiac Pisces


Sri Vyaghrapureeswarar

Amman / Thayar

Sri Poongodinayagi

Old year

1000-2000 years old






Tamil Nadu





Sri Pranava Vyakrapureeswarar Temple, Omapuliyur, Cuddalore district.

Phone: +91- 4144-264 845

Opening Time:

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.


Jupiter transition day is celebrated annually in the temple.

Temple History

Sage Vyakrapada came to Omapuliyur and prayed to the Lord to grant him dance darshan in Chidambaram. With significance to the visit and prayer of the sage, the Lord is named Pranava Vyakrapureeswara. Mother is praised as Poongodi. A king Sadananda, a staunch Shiva devotee got his leprosy cured with a dip in the holy Varadanan tank here.

It is also said of two virgins from the celestial world who came down to earth as swine and a human due to the curse of sage Durvasa. They were chased by a tiger. They ran to escape and reached Gowri Theertha. A woman, after a bath in the tank was drying her hair. A few drops of water from her hair fell on the virgins restoring them to their original forms.

Greatness Of Temple

Mother Uma was listening to Lord Shiva on the Pranava Mantra teaching. As her attention was turned off, Lord Shiva cursed Her to be born a human on Earth. After severe penance, the Lord came to her as Dakshinamurthy and completed the teaching. Hence, the place has Guru (Jupiter) importance. Also there is no Navagraha (9 planets) shrine in the temple. Traditionally, Guru shrine is in the prakaras facing south. In this temple, Guru-Dakshinamurthy graces in a sitting form in a Maha Mandap between Lord and Mother shrines.