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In Indian Astrology, Rasi is the sign in which the luminary Moon is located at the time of the individual’s birth. This Rasi plays an important role in astrology and determines the nature or personality of the native and is also used to predict life happenings.

In general, it represents your Karma. Indian Astrology gives much importance to the Moon sign or the Rasi when compared to Western astrology that focuses on the Sun sign.

This is a tool that helps you to find your Rasi sign. Find your Rasi by entering your date and time of birth. Once you find your Rasi, you can read your positive and negative traits, your character and personality in a deeper sense.

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Questions To Ponder

1. How can I find my Rashi?

According to Vedic astrology, your “rashi” is your moon sign, or the name of the zodiac position of the moon when you were born.

2. How many Rasi are there?

There are Twelve Zodiac Signs also called as Rasis.

3. Why is Moon sign important?

Your Moon sign will determine how you behaves in your life and you’re your personality will be like. It signifies how an individual will react to the actions and situations in their life.

4. Which Moon sign is ruled by the Sun?

The Sun rules the Sign of Leo or the Moon sign of Simha.

5. Which Rashi should marry which Rashi?

As a thumb-rule it is believed that: the fifth, seventh and ninth rashi from your own rashi makes for a good life-partner.

6. Is zodiac and Rashi same?

Zodiac represents the sign where the Sun is placed while Rashi indicates the sign where the Moon is placed in our natal chart.

7. Can we marry same Moon sign?

Yes. You can marry for sure.