Astrological remedies for progeny

It is the utmost blessing to be blessed by the Almighty to have a child and this is to be one of the greatest wealth. People feel a new life when they get a child. The happiness to have a child cannot be expressed; it is an emotion which can be only felt. Children are supposed to inherit the cultural value of the previous

generations and keep it alive by carrying it further.When we cherish the birth of a child it is sure to keep us away from all worldly tensions for each will automatically get into the bringing up of a child by playing with them and take part in each of their activities. Birth of children maintains the continuity of society.People of all religion give importance in having a progeny and especially the people of Hindu religion attach comparatively greater importance to the birth of a male child for they strongly believe that a male child will not only do the last rites but also carry ahead the progeny and keep the memory.

Astro-remedy for progeny

of the father and forefathers alive after one's heavenly ascent. So these are the main reasons which cause a lot of torment when there is a delay or denial or when there is no issue or progeny. This feeling is the same of not only people of India but across the world. No doubt, in this age of family planning, people in some countries are complying with small family norms, yet the involuntary delay in the birth of a child in the early years of married life becomes intolerable.

It is a dream for each person to feel the joy of a cradle in their house and expressing the opinion that something is of little worth to achieve that great wish or desire of having the progeny to be carried forward. Thus when there comes lot of disturbances in having a child we can go ahead and get the divine help of Vedic Astrology which will surely to an extent help us in fulfilling our desire to become a parent. The cause and remedy for such delay in the progeny can be to an extent studied with the help of an individual's horoscope by astrologers. It is very important to know about the various factors in astrology which influences the factors related to have a child.

Birth of children
In astrology the study and analysis of the houses and planets that dominate progeny, conception and remedies for better progress are available. The strength and the cause of ailment which influences the factors of parenthood are identified by the 5th House in the Birth Chart of a person. Any issues or problems related to progeny can be found with the help of the planet Jupiter and the Lord of the 5th house. When a thorough analysis and study of the planetary positions are done a pucca progeny report can be given with absolutely precise details of parenthood possibilities. If there is any complication in the process of conception and delivery then there are powerful Vedic remedies according to ancient astrology. So astrology when believed has the power to give parenting possibilities and thereby progeny.

The ancient Vedic astrology states that there are lots of significators in an individual's horoscope for progeny studies. The primary and the most important significations for progeny are the two houses which have the mooltrikona sign and they are namely the Lords of the second and the fifth house. Jupiter and the Sun are the two cardinal significators of Aquarius ascendant. Thus Jupiter and the planet Sun plays a major role in the progeny. One of the other secondary significations for progeny is the lord of the ascendant of sapthamsa containing a mooltrikona sign. A progeny to be carried on with the birth of a male child is decided by the second house when its Lord Jupiter are strong and well placed and not distressed and afflicted.

joy of children
Thus when there is a sign of weakness in any of the significations of progeny related to the above mentioned houses or planets it will cause or act as a hindrance in the delay or denial of progeny. However there are astrological remedies in treating the problems related to progeny. It is said that performing of Puthra-kameshti yoga shall grant with children. This is even told in great epics and puranas like King Dasaratha and King Drupada when they didn't have a child they performed the Puthra-kameshti yoga and were blessed with progeny. According to astrology Santhana Gopala Swami can also bless a couple with progeny when Santhana Gopala Homa / Havana are performed for getting children.

Astrologers state that when we please Santhana Gopala Swami by performing the Santhana Gopala Homa with utmost devotion once in a year then it is sure to aid the childless couple to be blessed with a progeny. Also worshipping of Bhagavan Sri Krishna helps us in getting a progeny. The people who are wanting for a progeny should chant the Sri Gopala Manthram 108 times daily after morning bath and offer him with flowers and milk. This pooja has to be done with total dedication visualizing Toddler Gopala Krishna fully in your mind. This has to be done till the child is born and is one month old. This mantra has to be chanted without any break.The Gopala Mantram which has to be recited to have a child is:

Sri Krishnam, Devakisutam, Govindam, Vaasudevam, Jagatpatim,

Dehime Su-tanayaam Sri Krishna twam-aham sharanagatah !

Sri Gopala Krisna Deva, Sarvabadha-vinirmukto, dhana, dhanya, sutaanvitah

Manushyo tat-prasadena bhavishyati; paahimam, rakshamaam.

Om hrim lajja jjalyam thah thah lah om hrim svaha ! Hare Krishna !

This mantra even works better and more effective when it is done along with Vigneswara Pooja which will result in attaining our desire or wish very fast. The Vigneshwara pooja should be carried along in the right way for otherwise it reduces the energy and the power of the pooja. 108 ixora flower is collected and the long middle thread like pollen is removed from the flower and sprinkled with water to keep it clean. A small quantity of ghee is taken and just warmed up. Either two photos or idols of namely Lord Ganesha and of Toddler Krishna are required for the pooja. It is very important for not only this pooja but for any pooja the rituals has to be done the right way.

Now either sitting or standing in front of the picture take one flower, dip in the ghee and submit to lord Ganesha while reciting Sandana gopala mantra 1 time. The whole process has to be repeated for 108 times as there are 108 flowers and also the pooja has to be done for 7 consecutive days which gives one full cycle and namely the first cycle. Once the first cycle is over the performer of the pooja should wait for the next 3 months and then repeat the same process and again it has to be repeated for the next two quarters. So you are doing this 4 times in a year and each time when you do this, you do it for 7 consecutive days.

The divisional chart commonly referred as D-7 or Saptansh indicates children in a horoscope. The two other planets which represent the reproductivity of men and women are Venus and Mars. Any horoscope which shows a weak sign of either of these two planets will result in difficulty for progeny in which case both medical and astro remedies will be required.Pitri dosha, sarp dosha, Barren signs in 5th house with any kind of association with malefic or badhaka planet delays or denies child prospects. When it comes to progeny prediction by Indian astrology is said to be more accurate than any other astrology. According to Indian astrology there are certain astro remedies suggested by sages and experts in this field. Few of them are given below:

Dogs are fed with sweet rotis.

Family progeny is said to be continued when we have a male puppy dog as a pet.

Cows are said to play a major role for many astro remedies related to progeny.

It is believed that feeding a cow with at least half a portion of the meal we eat and always to be kind to this animal shall bless with progeny.

Apart from this there are certain specific remedies meant to be done only for the planets and they are,

7 uncooked food grains is taken and fed to the ants. By doing so the Sun God is pleased and blesses with children.

Moon is pleased by burying jaggery in the ground.

The planet Mars showers its blessings when jaggery is donated to beggars.

The planet Mercury is energized and helps in progeny when Ganga Jal is always kept in the pooja place.

For the planet Jupiter to be in favour of you apply kesar paste on the forehead in the form of a tilak on every Thursdays.

For the planet Venus immerse a white piece of cloth and a scented flower in a water body.

The remedy to convince the Saturn planet is to bury mustard seeds in the ground wrapped in a black cloth.

The astro remedy to convince the Ketu planet is to donate 2 different color clothes as charity.

A snake has to be released in the forest during the festival of Nagpanchami to please the Rahu planet.