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To dream of a table ready for a meal means happy unions and prosperous conditions. To see empty tables signifies poverty.


To dream of a tank, denotes that you will soon hear news of the sickness of your relatives.


To dream that you are in tears, deotes that some affliction shall soon befall you.


Dreams of teeth are generally assumed to have sexual significance.If the dream teeth stand for sexual potency, then they also symbolize aggressive tendencies. Teeth which fall out can be seen as a symbol of general loss of potency.


Should a theft occur, this indicates a loss threatened by lack of attention on the dreamer's part. It may indicate the dreamer's loss of contact with the world about him.


To dream of being thirsty shows that you are phpiring for things beyond your reach. If your thirst is quenched in the dream, then your wishes shall materialise.


To dream of thorns signifies dissatisfaction and evil shall surround all your effforts and make them void and null.


To dream of a tiger that is approaching you denotes that your enemies are ready to torment you.


With the image of the toilet, the dream is referring to the natural process of the discharge of the undigested remains of problems which have already been worked through spiritually.


In a dream, the tongue symbolizes the fertilizing and creative side of the intellect.


To dream of being tortured, denotes that you will undergo dissapointments due to your false friends.


If the dream takes place in a town or in the home town, it is referring in some way to the dreamer's spiritual home, but in a broader sense. The town can also appear in dreams as a mother figure.


To dream of toys foretells family joys. To dream of children playing with toys means happy marriage in the house.


To see a train indicates that soon you may go on a happy journey.


The fairytale situation where the dreamer unexpectedly finds treasure indicates that unexploited talents or potential lie within him and should, like the treasure, be unearthed.


The tree may appear as an image of the dreamer's personal life, but can also refer to the family situation over a period of generations.


To dream of a triangle means separation from friends and love affairs may terminate on disagreements.


To dream of a tunnel implies bad indications for those in business and in love.


To see turtles in ones dream implies an unusual incident that might cause enjoyment is likely soon. Your business conditions may also improve.

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