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To dream that you had fallen denotes that you will undergo great struggles. If you dream of getting up then you will rise to honor and wealth. If in the dream you are injured then you will encounter hardships and loss of friends in real life.


To dream of your father signifies that you are about to be involved in a difficulty and you will need wise counsel for you to extricate yourself from it.


The image of a field can indicate to the dreamer that a fertile phase is beginning. This image can, however, also indicates that the dreamer must apply himself to a specific problem.


The fire symbolizes the warmth of human emotions. It frequently appears in women's dreams, where it indicates the problems of marriage.


The image of fish in water in a dream can imply a sexual theme. The fish indicates man's instinctive phpects, which are governed by the unconscious.


The appearance of devouring and destructive flames of fire in a dream is a danger signal. The danger can relate to the dreamer's sexual problems.


To dream of floods destroying vast areas denotes sickness, loss in business and the most unhappy and unsettled situation in the marriage state.


Flowers are symbols for the dreamer's feelings. There are proverbial parallels between human and plant life cycles growing, budding, blossoming and fading. A fresh-cut bouquet or a tree in blossom, as a rule, has positive significance.


Dreams of flying are extremely common. An airplane can appear positively in a dream as a conveyer of thoughts or ideas of far-reaching significance. It can equally well signify a desire for independence.


In a dream, the forest indicates the realm of the unconscious.


The fountain has acquired the symbolic meaning of the fountain of life.


It indicates change or transformation. The frog's life in water refers to cold and still impersonal elemental nature. The toad is the symbol of the fertile, devouring mother goddess, who is also the mother of death. A toad in a man's dream can, therefore, be seen as a warning signal.


To dream of seeing fruit ripening among its foliage usually foretells the dreamer of a prosperous future.


To see a funeral denotes an unhappy marriage and sickly offspring.


To dream of a furnace foretells good luck if it is working.

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