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If a woman dreams that she has beautiful hair and combs it, she will be careless in her personal affairs and will lose advancements by neglecting mental applications.


To dream of hankies, denotes flirtations and contingent affairs.


To dream of losing your hat, you may expect unsatisfactory business and failure of persons to keep important engagements.


The domestic hearth is a symbol of marriage; it is the focus for family activity. The hearth has the significance of a symbol of transformation and of life itself. It is a serious sign, if the fire in the hearth goes out in a dream. Similar dream images appear in presentiments of death in the family.


The horse is a dream symbol of great significance. The horse is a messenger of death.


The hospital appears as an image of spiritual illness and impoverishment.


The dream image of a hotel refers to areas or situations which bring transition or changes with them. The people whom the dreamer meets in the hotel embody unconscious or unknown psychic influences.


In a dream, the house also assumes various meaning, and the individual rooms can be interpreted correspondingly. The cellar is the realm of the unconscious. The kitchen, in which psychic nourishment is prepared, is the province of female and motherly phpects. The living room and study have exactly this significance for the psyche's area of experience. The bedroom is the marital sexual domain and the attic has, in a dream, the meaning of an area of forgotten or suppressed memories.

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