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To dream about yourself being in a race indicates that others shall also phpire to possess what you have been working for and that you shall overcome thier competition.

Railway Station

The dream symbol of a station always indicates an alteration in the dreamer's spiritual situation in life. The station represents an impersonal, more or less fateful place.


To dream of being out in a rain denotes that you shall enjoy all pleasures in your life and prosperity shall come to you.


This is prognostic of unusual happenings. Most of your efforts shall yield fruit.


As a dream animal, the rat indicates unfavorable and dangerous situations. The dreamer may have unproductive, gnawing doubts which stand in the way of a positive attitude to life. But the rat can also be the dream's way of providing early warning of serious and dangerous physical illness.


A dream raven signifies thoughts of an unhappy nature.


Rice in a dream foretells success and warm friendships. It also signifies prosperity in all your trades.


In a dream, riding can have a sexual significance.


To dream of wearing rings denotes new enterprises in which you shall be successful.


To dream of being among a riot scene suggests disappointing affairs.


The dream landscape often contains images of rivers and currents. In general, they can be seen as bearers of psychic energy. A journey on them by boat or ship refers to the journey of life. If torrential streams or overflowing rivers present obstacles to the dreamer, then they represent obstacles arising from a state of unawareness.


Roads or paths in dreams can take many forms. Generally, they are a symbolic expression of the dreamer's path through life. Crossroads and forks symbolize a necessary decision.


A journey in a spaceship represents total separation from nature and from the earth. In a dream, the rocket signifies a similar dangerous situation, which can be as extreme as suicidal tendencies.


To dream of rocks denotes that you will meet reverses and there would be general unhappiness.


Dreams in which the roof or the attic play a part refer to long-forgotten events, to matters which we have, so to speak, stowed away in the attics of our minds.


To dream of roots of plants or trees denotes misfortune. Health and business shall suffer.


This signifies perplexities and complications in love affairs.


To dream of fragrant and blossoming roses denotes that joyful occasions are very near and you will get to your sweetheart.


To dream that you are in a rowboat denotes that you will derive pleasure from the company of social friends.

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