Ophiuchus is the recent new-entrant into the zodiac arena. They are a mystery to the other zodiac signs as they are less talked and discussed about. They are earning credibility of late though. Compatibility among the 12 zodiac signs is a widely consulted topic in astrological circles. However Ophiuchus has not been given its due credit in terms of compatibility studies. Find here the compatibility of Ophiuchus with the other 12 zodiac signs.

Ophiuchus Compatibility

Compatible Zodiac Signs for Ophiuchus

aries Aries  cancer Cancer  libra Libra  Scorpio Scorpio

In-compatible Zodiac Signs for Ophiuchus

Taurus Taurus leo Leo Virgo Virgo aquarius Aquarius

Best Partner- Pisces

Ophiuchus is more compatible with Pisces zodiac sign than any other sun-sign. This is because they both share the same element water and both of them are mutable signs.

Ophiuchus with Ophiuchus - Compatible

An Ophiuchus with another Ophiuchus share a compatible relationship as they know each other very well inside out. Both of them do not like to be idle and they love new changes and challenges in life. They love simple adventure and new experiences in life. Together they are adept in keeping secrets to themselves which paves way for harmony in their relationship.