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ophiuchus All About Ophiuchus

Pronounced 'o-few-cus', Ophiuchus this is one of 13 constellations that both the sun and moon pass through during the year. Having originally been identified by Ptolemy, it does not feature in either the tropical or the sidereal zodiacs that are used by astrologers now. Ophiuchus is the only sign that does not have an opposite sign. Hence there is no polarity to experience.

Personal traits

Ophiuchus is the only zodiac sign that depicts a real man. Many people are envious of the Ophiuchan as he/she progresses well throughout life.An Ophiuchus is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge. They have a flamboyant dressing sense, favouring bright colours and wearing of pleaded dresses.Personality traits of Ophiuchus are between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Ophiuchus persons are extremely curious, open to change, passionate and very jealous too. Also other Ophiuchus personality traits include explosive temper, good humor, secretive, egotistical, thirst for knowledge and sexually magnetic.

Apart from these the other Ophiuchus personality traits are:

• Interpreter of dreams

• Seeker of wisdom and knowledge

• will have a great family but have to leave the home at early age.

• Attract good luck

• Visionary

• A great architect or builder

• Authority looks upon him/her well

Positive Traits

Some of the positive traits of Ophiuchus are:

- Tend to embrace and seek to change, disliking routine in life.

- Follow their instincts to a fault and can be impulsive.

-Are happy and humorous.

-Are honest to a fault.

-Are often described as intellectual and clever.

-Think with their hearts and not their heads.

-Are powerfully passionate.

-Have a great deal of creativity, imagination and curiosity.

-Are people magnets possessing high charisma.

-Are empathic, people pleasers with a knack for persuasion.

-have a strong sense of justice.

-Are great with language, arts and the written word.

-Are passionate and adept lovers naturally.

-Are eccentric and quirky.

-Are driven to succeed.

-Dislike authority, rules, regulation and restriction of any kind.

-Dislike irrelevant and trivial information.

-Have a high sense of pride and arrogance and dislike being treated as inferior.

-Enjoy being Number 1 and being told about it.

-Tend to seek the unknown and are always seeking knowledge and wisdom.

-Tend to take the defense rather than offense.

-Are not open but said to be secretive.

-Don't fall well into social labels.

Negative Traits

-Have trouble with monogamous relationships.

-Can be of the jealous type.

-Are judgmental and critical.

-Can be restless and irresponsible.

-Procrastinate as a rule.

-Have violent but short lived tempers.

- Are sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor.

-Tend to only keep useful things, including friends around.


Ophichius Compatibility

ophiuchus compatibility

High compatibility:

Ophiuchus Pisces, Ophiuchus Ophiuchus.

Good compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aries, Ophiuchus Cancer, Ophiuchus Libra, Ophiuchus Scorpio.

Low compatibility:

Ophiuchus Aquarius, Ophiuchus Leo, Ophiuchus Virgo, Ophiuchus Taurus.

Likes of Ophiuchus

• Ophiuchus like peace and harmony

• Ophiuchus like surrounded by others all the time.

• Ophiuchus like vibrant colors especially for clothing.

• Ophiuchus tend to be separated form their families when young.

• Ophiuchus like to seek higher education.

• Ophiuchus like their lives to be full of passion and excitement

Dislikes of Ophiuchus

• Ophiuchus dislike monotonous routine in life.

• Ophiuchus dislike following rules, regulations and abide by the restrictions.

• Ophiuchus dislike irrelevant details and are focused on the subject.


For this sign of the zodiac, medical sciences may be the very best possible occupation to pursue. The Ophiuchus sign tends to have a healthy disdain for regimen, and need to be involved in professional situations in which things are always changing, and new advances are always coming along. Ophichus rules healing, apothecaries, tax collectors and therapy related professions. Ophiuchans have an innovative nature often expressing themselves as poets, musicians, actors, seekers of higher education and overseers or bosses. They make good therapists and can excel in drama too.

Lucky stone


Topaz are the lucky stones of the Ophiuchans

For more info on Topaz click here


Origins in Mythology

The 13th sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus, unlike the other 12 signs is actually associated with a real person, Imhotep. Imhotep, who lived in the 27th Century BCE in Ancient Egypt, was also known as 'Aesclepius' by the Ancient Greeks. Ophiuchus is a rarely used astrological sign and is not included in most versions of the Zodiac. It is also known as Serpentarius.

Ophiuchus was the illegitimate son of Apolo also called as Asclepios. Later he was the surgeon of the Argonautas, sailing with them in the ship Argus treating to give back the life to people, including the son of king Minos of Crete.

It was after Asclepios tried to relife to Orion, pricked by the Scorpion when Pluto complained to Zeus who if Asclepios acted to of this form doing inmortal to people, would rob all the town of Hades. And thus he was, Zeus did not allow more inmortalidades and sent rallo to kill Asclepios. Zeus put to Asclepios in a place of the sky near the Serpent (Serpens Cauda and Serpens Caput) because this represented the renewed life.

Famous Ophiuchus People

One out of twenty people in the world are born under the sign of Ophiuchus.

Anna Faris (Nov 29, 1976)

American Actress

Ben Stiller (Nov 30, 1965)

American Actor

Bette Midler (Dec 1 , 1945)

American Singer

Britney Spears (Dec 2, 1981 )

American Entertainer

Amanda Seyfried (Dec 3, 1985 )

American Actress

Jeff Bridges (Dec 4 , 1949)

American Actor

Jay Z (Dec 4, 1969)

American Rapper

Tyra Banks (Dec 4 , 1973)

American Model

Paula Patton (Dec 5 , 1975)

American Actress

Judd Apatow (Dec 6 , 1967)

American Film Producer

Jennifer Carpenter (Dec 7, 1979)

American Actress

Iam Somerhalder (Dec 8 , 1978)

American Model and Actor

Jesse Metcalfe (Dec 9 , 1978)

American Actor

Emmanuelle Chriqui (Dec10, 1977)


Mo'Nique (Dec 11 , 1967)

American Comedienne

Jennifer Connelly (Dec 12 , 1970)

American Actress

Taylor Swift (Dec 13 , 1989)

American Singer

Jamie Fox (Dec 13 , 1967)

American Actor

Vanessa Hudgens (Dec 14 , 1988)

American Actress

Adam Brody (Dec 16 , 1979)

American Actor

Benjamin Bratt (Dec 16 , 1963)

American Actor


November 29- December 17

Ruling Planet




I See !!

Flamboyant, Progressive

Main trait


The Snake



Body Part
Lymphatic, Adrenal glands

Lucky Nos

Lucky Day


Female/ Yin


Ancient drawing of ophiuchus

Notable ophiuchian
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift



Fire - Aries