The Cancer woman and the Pisces man make a great combination which is compatible as both are emotional characters. The Pisces guy makes the Cancer woman secured in life. She in turn gives him much importance in her life.They make a romantic and beautiful relationship. Both are watery signs, hence emotions run deep down. There would be a great bond that binds them. The only negative is that both should come our of their dreamy world and live in reality.
Cancer Woman-Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Pisces Couple

• Georges Sand and Chopin

• Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

• June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash

• Carly Simon and James Taylor

Compatibility for Romance

A Cancer woman shares better compatibility in romance and passion with her Pisces guy. They just enjoy every moment they are together. Both do not stray from their relationship hence intimacy is kept intact. But it is found that the Cancer woman would be more fond of the kitchen than the bedroom that romantic commitments might be put in the back burner for a while now and then.

Compatibility for Friendship

The compatibility for friendship between a Cancer woman and a Pisces man would be just the right thing needed. Both are kind, willing to listen to the other, lending a helping hand to the other in times of need. Their caring nature comes out now and then, loyalty is the best in this combination that comradeship would be at its crest with this pair.

Compatibility for Marriage

A Cancer woman shares a compatible married life with a Pisces man. But then they should not have addiction of any sort in life. Else financial resource management becomes a major eye-sore for the duo. Cancer woman would be more interested in a committed marriage while the Pisces man just dodges this issue. He would be interested in more than one partner in life and is not very serious about getting married. Hence mutual trust and loyalty would be needed here. If the initial hiccups are overcome then the relationship becomes solid as rock.

Compatibility for Sex

The Cancer woman and her Pisces counterpart share much compatibility when it comes to the act of sex. It would be much more than a physical act for both. They engage in much foreplay and sensuous moments together. They like to please and satisfy the other as much as possible.

The End game

This is one relationship that the duo involved do not like to end. But then when things go awry, the Pisces guy just leaves one day and moves with the tide. The Cancer woman on the other hand takes much time to come to her senses that she has been denied. She waits for her partner to return with memories of them together lingering in her heart. 9/10