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Cancer- Cancer Compatibility

In this relation feelings and emotions will play a dominant role. This will bring great happiness, the reverse can also apply. Both are sympathetic and compassionate, so will help each other during troubles. Emotions can make clear thinking difficult, so some upsetting or muddled situations can occur when things go wrong. They can be cosseting, cosy crabs or sulking, silent shellfish. Whwn two cancerians set up life together you never can tell which way round it will work out.'They'll spend their whole time together waiting for the next emotional blow to strike.

Cancer-Cancer Compatibility
When two souls as sensitive as these crabs get into a relation it'd be hearts and flowers all the way and they'd swim along in a sea of trust and tranquillity.Well, some of them can, but many of them are so mean, moody and miserable that they'll spend their entire existences taking umbrage and being uppity. The way for them to work it out is if one of them can be more assertive.But if they're both such soppy and soggy shellfish that it's sickening to see them, they'll be in for very big problems indeed.

Cancer Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility
Cancer Woman & Cancer Man Compatibility

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