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In a love match, Cancer is best matched with fellow water signs as well as earth signs that often share their natural sensibilities. Hence water and earth signs are the best love matches for the crab.

When they fall in love, they fall deeply and will surround their lover with their full force of emotions and feelings. Their love match has to do a lot with emotional security and trust. There are no superficial things in their love relationship.

Cancer with Aries

Cancer is too emotional and sensitive for the Aries guy. Cancer takes life seriously while Aries is a happy-go-lucky-fellow. There should be give and take equally here..

Cancer with Taurus

Together they enjoy the good things in life, there is a deep loving connection with this pair that takes them to the end of life.

Cancer with Gemini

Life's lessons and values are different for both of them. However if both are committed then they can travel together.

Cancer with Cancer

Two Cancers constitute a perfect love match as they have common values, emotions. They entertain each other perfectly.

Cancer with Leo

Leo likes to boss around while Cancer wants to have the last say. Compromise can overcome any challenges with this duo.

Cancer with Virgo

As both have strong values and commitments this would be a stable match. There is mutual love and attraction here.

Cancer with Libra

Both have an aptitude for values and beauty. If they are aligned then there would be goodness, else all hell breaks lose.

Cancer with Scorpio

This is a combination where devotion is the key. Love, passion, sharing and caring bonds them together for life.

Cancer with Sagittarius

Though there might be differences between the two, compromise can take them places together. The crab should not be hurt at all.

Cancer with Capricorn

They are opposite signs, however mutual understanding and respect for each other make them an ideal love match.

Cancer with Aquarius

They make up a challenging duo as Cancer is quite emotional and Aquarius seems to be an intellect.

Cancer with Pisces

This is a beautiful combination of two watery signs. There is a soul connection embedded in them .

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