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Cancer- Pisces Compatibility

One minute they'll be gazing at each other in adoration and the next they'll be floating off on to cloud nine and they might never come down. So, if it's not to be a case of the blind leading the blind into who knows what strange and silent seas, one of these partners has got to be practical, otherwise life could pass them by, as they spend their entire existence in a watery wonderland of their own and never come up for air at all.

Cancer-Pisces Compatibility
The fantasy factor of the fish is fantastically high and those captivating crabs can come up with a few daydreams of their own, too.When these two go out and about together, they can give the impression that theirs is a marriage made in heaven, when actually it's hell on earth for both of them. Instead of admitting it they'll delude and deceive themselves.The Pisces will pretend that there's nothing wrong, but will conduct clandestine affairs and the Cancerian will cling on like grim death, hoping that suddenly everything will return to the way it once was. They'll both inhabit a fool's paradise.Another of the pitfalls of this partnership is that if things go wrong, they could both drown their sorrows in drinks and even drugs.

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