There would be enough compatibility between a Cancer man and a Pisces woman in life. The Cancer guy showers nurture and care on the Pisces girl who in turn would turn him on by her great charms. This would be a romantic combination. There would be much commitment and understanding here with this duo.They share a great chemistry in life.
Here the duo play their gender roles distinctively. Pisces would be a great advisor for the Cancer guy and he would be able to soothe her inner nerves. A good combination without much hiccups and hindrances in life.

Cancer Man-Pisces Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Pisces Couples

• Michael Todd and Liz Taylor

• Janusz Kaminski and Holly Hunter

Compatibility for Romance

The Cancer male and the Pisces female show great compatibility in romance and passion.

This would be a very smooth relationship. They would be much relaxed and comfortable in each other's arms. Being water signs together they enjoy much romance while passion would not be a found to a greater extent.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Cancer guy and the Pisces girl share greater compatibility in friendship. There would be much warmth, loyalty and confidentiality with this duo much needed for friendship to thrive. They trust each other and are intimate enough for friendship to grow. The duo find it easier to share their secrets with their partner without much hesitation or fear.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Cancer man and the Pisces woman make a compatible marriage for life. But then the Pisces girl should make it a point to focus on home and its needs and should not leave it alone to the Cancer guy to take care. The Cancer fellow is good in managing the household chores and allocating works to the Pisces girl as well. Hence there would be a smooth functioning of this relationship. The Pisces female can just relax while he takes over the reigns of the house.

Compatibility for Sex

The Pisces female and the Cancer male share greater compatibility when it comes to sex. The Cancer man being sensuous and neurotic makes it an enjoyable act. There would be much satisfaction and comfort for the duo. The Cancer man's sense of fear and rejection would be overtaken by the loving and cuddling Pisces girl that sex would be the best among the zodiacs here with this pair.

The End game

When the Cancer man and the Pisces woman just cannot stand each other then the Cancer guy takes a firm stand. He would explain the pros and cons of the relationship and bid farewell to the Pisces female. Usually Cancer guys are known to cling onto the past. But here he would let go off the Pisces girl without much fun-fare. 7/10