Fiery This Fire and earth duo can be stressful. Capricorn likes to plan ahead and play a waiting game. Aries acts immediately and hates to wait. Unless both people are willing to exercise tolerance, their extremely different viewpoints can bring tension or even bitterness. Capricorn often unwillingly squashes Aries.

Because they're both cardinal, this couple can abound with ambition and know exactly what they want out of life. It can be especially exiciting if the Capricorn is the financial director, who steers the ship and keeps an eagle eye on all matters monetary and the Arian is the one who rushes hither and thither, winning orders left, right and center.

Aries-Capricorn Compatibility
Then they'll generate such a sparkle and a fantastic fizz that they could put a well-known soft drinks firm straight out of business. Bring them out of the boardroom and into the open air and the trouble can start. Temperamentally, these two are tarred with very different brushes, but because they're so competitive, they could become rivals in love. There could also be a clash of egos, principles and traditions, with the Capricorn being a stickler for doing things properly and the Arian throwing all that aside.Goats can bear grudges, long after the Arian thinks the argument's ended and will sit and stew in a sulky silence to make their point..Their sex life, though, could be where these two make up for any misunderstandings, because they are both supremely sexy signs.

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