Planetary Influences - September 2023


Venus, the planet of love and emotions has been in retrograde mode from July 22, 2023 in the fire sign of Leo and it turns direct on the 3 rd of September at 18 degrees of Cancer. Venus entered Cancer on the 7 th of August. Once in direct motion, Venus enters into Leo oncer again on the 1 st of October. Venus last transited through Cancer during June 2023.

Venus spends its days in Cancer, the abode of Moon alone without much connections and hence our emotional side would be much sensitive these days. Cancer is neither having any major malefic aspects as of now. This would guide us in our creative pursuits without much hindrances. It would be a good time to spruce up your home as well if that had been on your mind of late.

When Venus was retrograde, it would have brought old relationships to your table. Now is the time to decide if you can pursue the same. And you could move along strengthening your relationships for now.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion goes retrograde on the 4 th of September and would be so till the end of this year, around the 30 th of December. Jupiter would go retrograde from 22 degrees of Aries till 12 degrees of Aries during this retrograde phase.

This ensuing 4-month period would be a tough time as Jupiter’s areas of positive growth might be hindered. Jupiter would be placed alone in the sign of Aries without any major company or aspects for all this period. This would be a great time for learning.

However, the Lunar eclipse of October last would be affecting the house of Aries. Use this retrograde period of Jupiter to de-tangle things around and take on only what might seem useful for your long- term prospects. Things might slow down a bit around, just re-evaluate your path and re-jig your resources. This might be a good time to invest in resources and relationships.



The luminaries Sun and Moon join together at 28 degrees of Leo forming the New Moon for the month of September. Do note that Leo is having some strong aspects from the signs of Aries and Aquarius. Hence this New Moon would be a good time to erase your slate and start afresh. This is an ideal time to prune things and move ahead with less baggage. Evaluate your life progress and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour. Get rid of any project that has not yielded any results till now. Find out where your energy has been diverted with no results.

Mercury would be joining this Sun- Moon combination during its last day of retrograde motion. A good time to check if you are ready to go ahead. Then as the Moon starts to wax through the month of September, we would be forging ahead with fresh new creative pursuits and new relationships to cherish on. Do note that the next New Moon of October would be a Solar eclipse.



Mercury that has been in retrograde mode in the sign of Leo for the past three weeks or so turns direct on the 15 th of September. Closely following this, the Sun would be leaving the sign of Leo as well leaving Mercury to fend for itself in Leo. Do note that the sign of Leo has been receiving the intense aspects of the outer planets of late. This might bring about some major changes in the natives of Leo sun sign or those who have some strong placements in the sign of Leo in their birth charts.

The Mercury retrograde period might have been quite erratic for us with we having had our hands full but with no tasks completed. But then when Mercury stops and turns direct at 14 degrees of Leo we would be up for a stock-taking mode and then would proceed in forward movement. Some intense moments would have prevailed with the retrograde Mercury in Leo being aspected by the retrograde Saturn from the sign of Aquarius.

Now that Mercury is direct in Leo it would be aspected by the retrograde Jupiter from Aries. The aspects from Jupiter and Saturn which are both retrograding puts much pressure on Mercury these days. A lot of tweaks need to be done for our plans. This direct Mercury would enter Virgo on the 1 st of October.



The Sun in Leo along with Mercury leaves Mercury to enter the sign of Virgo on the 17 th of September and stays here for the next one-month period till the 17 th of October. For quite sometime there would be an exchange of signs between Mercury and the Sun, with the Sun in Virgo, the home of Mercury and Mercury in Leo, the home of the Sun. This together sums up the attributes of both Sun and Mercury for quite some time till Mercury leaves the sign of Virgo. We get a better perspective, but still need to manage our focus and directions.

In Virgo, the Sun gets the company of Mars, the fire planet. This gives much power to Virgo folks and Pisces people, with Pisces being the opposite sign. The fire energy of the Sun and Mars would be grounded by the earth element of Virgo. This is a time to avoid any impulsive acts and be stable.



The Sun in Virgo at 12 degrees would be opposing the Moon in 12 degrees of Pisces forming the Full Moon for September and this happens on the eve of September28 th or on the 29 th for some depending upon your location. This Full Moon is flanked by the retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on one side and by retrograde Jupiter in Aries on the other. This is quite a vulnerable period for us, be cautious.

With so much of chaos around, this Full Moon would help us to see the bigger picture. It gives us faith despite no view of the road further. The encompassing of the Moon by Jupiter and Saturn advises us to plan our forward progress yet be open to any twists and turns that we might encounter enroute.


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