Aquarius Health Horoscope 2023

This would be a year of moderate health for Aquarius people. Saturn placed in your Ascendant house might bring about occasional health issues for the natives. Chronic Aquarius natives ought be very vigilant of their health as it might worsen during the year. Bring about a discipline in your diet, physical works and mental concerns. Find all ways and means to improve your lifestyle in a positive sense.

Do not let anxieties and worries get to your nerves. All sorts of issues in career and finance might weight you down, be cautious. Lay low, be good to people and stay positive when health troubles encounter you. Periodic medic intervention and preventive methods would go a long way in assuring your good health and cheer all through this year.

When Saturn transits your Ascendant house in March 2023, there would be betterment in the general health and well being of Aquarius folks. You would remain highly motivated and there would be a good momentum in your life. Jupiter in the 4th house after May assures domestic welfare and happiness too. Practice a simple and frugal living, it would be for your greater good. Indulgence of any sort, be it with food or finances or bad habits would resonate on your health all this year.

•  This would be a year of good health and happiness for Aquarius people and that comes after years.

•  Through the year, there would be good energy levels that you stay on top of everything you do.

•  Make sure that you are physically active and mentally stimulated all this year.

•  Certain natives are likely to face immune deficiency for the period, take medical care.

•  Aquarius people are likely to suffer from digestive and nervous issues through the year, however there would not be any major impacts on life.

•  The outer planets might interfere with your health this year.

•  But then Mars would give you the energy and the vigour to get over those issues.

•  Beware of accidents in travel as trouble lurks out in this area for some natives.

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