2022 Taurus Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope 2022 | Predictions 2022 | Astrology 2022

Year 2022 seems to be a more better period than the previous few years for Taurus folks. With Jupiter entering its homestead of Pisces, all your past struggles would see an end now. There would be a better sense of ease in your personal and professional life. Through the year, your stubborn nature would become quite subdued and you might become a little more flexible.

However be cautious as Saturn in its house of Aquarius would bring about some pressures around. A generally pleasurable period would be brought about by Mars loitering in your sign for the year.

•  This year would be a bit volatile for Taurus folks, be prepared as thing around you unlock very fast.

•  Your sign would be aspected by Saturn in 2022, hence this period would have its own share of struggles and drama.

•  Taurus students would find the time good enough for their pursuits with respect to the past year and so playing spoilsport thanks to the covid pandemic around.

•  The first and the last quarter of the year would bring about some troubles across the board.

Love and Marriage Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

For the year ahead, Venus gives you myriad feelings with regard to love and marriage. There would not be any more disappointments, rather there would be much inspiration to forge ahead. As the second quarter of the year starts there might be some hiccups as Venus, the planet of love would be joining Saturn, the planet of restriction. However Jupiter in Pisces would mitigate the effects.

This year, you would receive the support of your partner, wholeheartedly. He or she would be a great encouragement for you to develop in life. They would instil a sense of self-confidence in you. Make sure that you do not bring about any disagreements with your partner for the period.

•  Happiness abounds in the love life of Taurus people this year.

•  The middle of the year 2022 is particularly very favourable for your love pursuits.

•  There would be goodness in your love life, if you do not stray or flirt.

•  The last quarter of the year might bring about some incompatibility with partner.

•  Avoid doubting your partner this year, be transparent in your moves too.

•  Maintain a good balance between your personal and professional life to improve your love.

Career Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

This would be a great year for the career part of Taurus people, simply because Jupiter would be transiting your 10th house of profession. It promises much gains in your work place. There would be better profits if you are into business and major detour likely if you want one badly. Promotions and pay-hikes on the anvil for those into services.

Then during the second quarter of the year, Jupiter would be transiting to your 11th house and this promises much gains in business for the natives. Relocation also probable for some owing to the aspect of Saturn on your 4th house of domestic welfare/happiness. Those searching for a job would find the time ripe enough to settle down.

•  The first quarter of 2022 promises more financial inflow for Taurus people owing to good career prospects.

•  Business would bring in better profits when compared to the previous year.

•  Not a time to start a new business though nor invest in anything new for now.

•  Beware of financial frauds around and do not believe all around you.

•  More than two types of income come for you as the year progresses.

•  Though your finances are good, this is not a time for lending money.

•  Overall prosperity is assured for Taurus guys as Saturn would be transiting your 9th house of prosperity this year.

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Health Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

This year, the general health and well being of Taurus folks would not be compromised. For the past year or so, you lacked the motivation to stay fit, but now comes the wind. Your resolutions regarding health would be now put into action. Be passionate about everything you do, be positive and you would fly like an eagle.

As the year starts you might get into some health concerns. This is because the Moon’s node is present in your Ascendant house that rules over general health. Your mental health also might get affected due to strained environment around. However Jupiter keeps you afloat during those tough times. Particularly natives with chronic issues meed to be quite cautious this year. Stick to a balanced diet, follow good health and hygiene practices that would save you from a future headache. There would be no major impacts on life though.

•  The first half of the year would bring about some health scares for the natives.

•  Stress due to familial issues might take a toll on your general health and wellbeing as Mars, the fiery planet transits your house of family welfare.

•  The second quarter of the year would bring much stress owing to professional pressure for the natives.

•  Negligence of general health and well being might bring about unwanted medical expenditure of sorts for Taurus people.

•  Chronic patients and those in the family way are expected to be double cautious this year.