2022 Taurus Horoscope

Finance Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

The year promises good finances for Taurus folks this year. The inflow of funds would be quite enormous and you would be quite indulgent as well this time. There would be some high value purchases like property and vehicles as Jupiter would be aspecting your 2nd and 4th houses.

Money that is owed to you for long might materialize this year thanks to the aspect of Jupiter on your 11th house of gains. Long pending loans and debts would be written off now. Auspicious events at home and medical expenditure however might erode a sizeable amount of your savings this year.

•  The year 2022 would be a period of mixed financials for Taurus folks.

•  As the year starts, Mars would be posited in your homestead, hence you need to have a reign over your financials.

•  There would be unwanted expenditure related to family and friends, hence be cautious.

•  Natives are advised to save enough for tough times ahead.

Education Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

As the year starts, Taurus students might feel a pinch in their pursuits. It would be roller coaster ride for them from then on. Total dedication and hard work are asked for on your part to excel in your field. The middle of the year would bring about success in competitive exams.

Natives preparing for higher education would find the time ripe enough for the same. Also overseas study opportunities abound for the deserving people. The third quarter of the year might hamper your studies due to ill health or lack of financials. However from the onset of the fourth or the last quarter of 2022, things shall brighten up and you are predicted with success in your educational endeavours.

Family Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

This year, Jupiter would be aspecting your 4th house of family and its welfare. Hence peace and harmony would prevail in this front. It would be an auspicious time for your family. There would be a cordial environment around and you would get the goodwill of your family members.

Your relationship with parents and siblings would be very good. Your social life would expand as well in this year. Auspicious events at home like marriage or a birth in the family would keep you on your toes all this year. Occasional health concerns for family members most likely but there would be no major impacts on life. Finances though average would keep you above ground level for now.

•  There would be some domestic misunderstandings for Taurus folks as the year 2022 starts.

•  Stress and strain due to family burdens would interfere in your well being for quite sometime.

•  Through the year, you would not be able to get the support of family as well in your pursuits.

•  But then around the middle of the year, things would look better on the domestic front.

•  Property deals related to inheritance or legacy would get through this year without much hassles.

•  Parents and elders in the family particularly would need your love and care for the year.

Travel Horoscope 2022 for Taurus

The year 2022 would be very favourable for the travel pursuits of Taurus natives. Saturn is posited in your 9th house and this ensures that long distant travels are on the cards for you through the year. Till around the middle of the year, many short journeys owing to personal and professional issues are most likely. These travels would be gainful for you in the long run. Take care and avoid driving at your own risk at odd hours. After the first quarter of the year, the Moon’s north node would be transiting to your 12th house and this planetary transit would favour foreign travels for the natives if they are willing.

Advice for Taurus in 2022

This would be quite a trouble-less period for you. Hence lay low and enjoy life. Do stay away from toxic people or relationships and do not interfere in the internal matters of others as well for now.