Planetary Influences - June 2022

Mercury Direct in Taurus - June 3

Mercury started to retrograde on the 10th of May and it ends this vicious cycle to go direct on the 3rd of June. And all this happens in the earthy sign of Taurus. During the retrograde phase of Mercury in May 2022 there had been some financial instability across the world. Mercury goes direct at 2 degrees of Taurus and it helps us back to stable and secure ground. We would be asked to refocus on our interests and keep going on the path in front.

Mercury retrograde happening in Taurus, a fixed sign indicates that we ought to learn life lessons of detachment and keep going with the flow. It brings about stability in our lives, however changes might be hard to digest.

With Mercury going direct, our energy levels come back once again. We can socialize once again and our creativity is in for a boom. Mercury soon would have the company of Venus in Taurus and together they facilitate all sorts of networking, communication and entertainment in life.


Saturn Retrograde –(June 4 to October 22)

Saturn usually retrogrades for about 4 to 5 months every year. Close on the heels of Mercury turning direct, Saturn would start its retrograde motion for the year 2022 on the 4th of June. This slows us down a bit and we might encounter hindrances of sorts around. Anxieties and worries take on us. This retrograde motion of Saturn through the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius lasts till the end of October 2022.

The retrograde of Saturn brings us some important life lessons. The retrograde of Saturn starts in Aquarius and then it crosses over to its homestead of Capricorn on still going retrograde. Saturn would be found to retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aquarius from June 4th to July 12th. This advises us to heed to only works that are stable enough. It gives us time to make some changes to the core issues of our lives. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius gives us an opportunity to find out what is a viable plan for our future.

And then when Saturn transits through Capricorn between the 12th of July and the last part of October, we might feel as if we are backtracking. In Aquarius, Saturn happens to aspect Rahu or the Moon’s North node, this brings about some shape to the chaos being brought about by the Moon’s Node. This would be a good time to bring order to certain disruptive issues around.


Full Moon in Scorpio-June 14

The waxing Moon gets Full on the 14th of June at 30 degrees of Scorpio when the other luminary, the Sun transits in the opposite sign of Taurus at 30 degrees. This brings about some challenging times. During this Full Moon, the Sun, the Moon and the nodes are in signs ruled over by Mars and Venus, hence there might be some tough times ahead that call for harmony around.

This Full Moon brings about major changes in our relationship areas being ruled over by Mars and Venus. This occurs as Sun, Mercury and Ketu are in the house of Venus and Moon, Venus and Rahu are in the house of Mars. The Full Moon is likely to bring about some strong emotional experiences for us, however this Full Moon seems to be quite favorable with almost all the other planets favorably placed around.


Sun Transits Gemini –(June 15 to July 16)

The Sun transiting through Taurus as June starts to transit to the adjacent sign of Gemini on the 15th of June and stays here till the 16th of July. Gemini happens to be an airy sign for the Sun to pass through. This is a favorable transit for the Sun and gives us much freedom. It is a good time to learn new skills, bring our creativity to the fore and take short leisure trips around. The Sun however gets the aspect of Mars from the house of Pisces till the 27th of June. This would take us out of our comfort zones and asks us to explore new territories hitherto unchartered.


Venus Transits Taurus-( June 18 to July 13)

Venus has been transiting Aries as June started and would be shifting to the sign of Taurus on the 18th of June where it would be stay put till the 13th of July. Taurus is an earthy sign and this transit of Venus through Taurus, its own home favors starting of new things and seeding trends. This is a good time to go after creative pursuits and get connected with friends and relatives.

In Taurus, Venus gets away from the aspects of Rahu or the Moon’s north node as well as that of Saturn. This helps us to better connect and create something new.


Mars Joins Rahu in Aries –(June 27 to August 10)

Mars in Pisces as June starts enters the next sign of Aries, its own home towards the end of June on the 27th to be precise. In Aries, Mars gets the company of Rahu or the Moon’s North node. Rahu is well known for bringing about instability and is very unpredictable and makes Mars quite aggressive. Hence it is advised to be better equipped for any unexpected eventuality during this transit of Mars.

However this Mars-Rahu duo is potent enough to bring about major changes and innovative ideas to the table. And this Mars-Rahu combination would be aspected by Saturn from Aquarius as well. This aspect would limit the volatile atmosphere to a certain extent.


New Moon in Gemini- June 28

The waning Moon of June starts to wane and becomes New when it joins the Sun at 14 degrees of Gemini on the 28th of June. This is a time when our inquisitiveness would be at its high, also there would be mixed feelings of guilt and doubt among ourselves. Our physical and mental energy would be very low during the New Moon bringing about a sense of pall and gloom. But then this low period can be best used to tune our resilience and to prepare for some tough times ahead in style.


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