Planetary Influences - May 2022

Saturn in Aquarius –( April 29th to July 12th)

Saturn moves from its homestead of Capricorn to Aquarius as April 2022 closes. It stays in Aquarius till the 4th of June, when it goes retrograde only to re-enter Capricorn in mid-July. This is just a short stint for Saturn in Aquarius, while the major transit to Aquarius starts in January 2023 and lasts till March 2025. During this Saturn transit, Jupiter points out that certain sacrifices ought to be made for growth.

In Aquarius, Saturn is said to be all powerful. From Aquarius, Saturn would be aspecting the houses of Aries, Leo and Scorpio by its 3rd, 7th and 10th house aspects. Hence these natives would feel the pinch more. This would be an ideal time to have some hope and plan for the future course of actions. With Scorpio receiving the aspects of both Saturn from Aquarius and Jupiter from Pisces, the natives would have a good balance in growth and systematic pruning.


Mercury Retrograde in Taurus-( May 10th to June 3rd)

The second phase of Mercury retrograde for 2022 begins on the 10th of May and lasts till the 3rd of June. This year all the retrogrades of Mercury occur in earthy signs. As always this Mercury retrograde stands to interrupt our relationships and communications. It would also affect our physical life and resources handling areas.

If at all you need to proceed in these spheres go ahead after double –checking everything to the fine print. This Mercury retrograde period is an apt time for spring cleaning, both physical and mental. Also you can go in for repairs and renovations of sorts.


Sun in Taurus-( May 15th to June 15th)

The Sun in Aries as the month of May starts transits to the adjacent sign of Taurus on the 15th of May and would stay here till the middle of June when it moves over to the sign of Gemini. Venus is the ruler of Taurus. Venus is all about collectiveness while the Sun rules over the individuality. Because of these attitudes, both the Sun and Venus share a very fragile or weak relationship with each other.

As Sun transits through Taurus, Mercury would be retrograding in the sign too. And this combination inspires us to delve deep into our works. It also emphasizes us to strike a good balance in our relationships during the period. Do not take any major decisions now and wait for Mercury to go direct.


Full Moon - Total Eclipse in Scorpio- May 15th

On the 15th of May, the Moon gets Full in the sign of Scorpio at 2 degrees. This full Moon is so close to the nodal axis forming a total lunar eclipse. Another similar eclipse is due during October / November of 2022 again. This total lunar eclipse would be visible in Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

This period when the Earth obstructs the light of the Moon for some time forebodes the start or end of certain things in our lives. It is better to go with the flow for the day, to lay low and look towards our inner self. This introspection helps us a lot and guides us in detaching ourselves from unhealthy options around.


Mars Transits Pisces –(May 16th to June 26th)

Mars transiting through Aquarius as May starts, moves to the house of Pisces on the 16th of May and stays till the 26th of June. In Pisces, Mars gets to meet Venus posited therein which would be exiting Pisces on the 23rd of May.

Mars is all about dynamics and power while Venus indicates how we relate. Hence this Mars-Venus combination imbibes us to find a good balance between power and relationship to have a good and smooth ride. In Pisces, Mars gets the aspect of Jupiter which happens to be the lord of Pisces as well. Mars in Pisces helps us to glean the resources from the vast ocean of our past.

In Pisces, Mars tends to lose its power to a certain extent, but then this would be a good time to pay off your dues and start afresh. With Jupiter around, it helps to manage our resources quite effectively in a compassionate way.

Mars gets to aspect the sign of Gemini, Virgo and Libra by its 4th, 7th and 8th house aspects from the house of Pisces. Hence people with major positions in these houses would find the time ideal for revamping their relationships and re-organizing their resources. In a watery sign, Mars tends to lose its fiery energy a bit, however be cautious and remain grounded for the period.


Venus Transits Aries-( May 23rd to June 17th)

After a brief stint in Pisces with Mars, Venus transits to Aries, the abode of Mars on the 23rd of May and leaves it on the 17th of June. Venus in Aries promotes new initiatives without much risks involved for the time being. Venus in the house of Mars is a tricky position, however there would be a good balance between the opposing areas of passion and creativity.

Relationships ought to be handled with caution during this period, some effort and commitment would be needed as also some cautious pruning.

In Aries, Venus gets the company of Rahu or the Moon’s North Node. Venus and Rahu make good friends and hence our social life and relationships would get a boost for the time. New connections and innovations are on the cards for now. Some of the best life choices can be made now with Mars being aspected by Jupiter and Venus in Aries aspected by Saturn from Aquarius.


New Moon in Taurus- May 30th

With May winding up, the luminaries Sun and Moon get into exact conjunction (0 deg) in Taurus on the 30th of May forming the New Moon. New Moon as always is a period of low energy levels which makes us emotionally weak. Hence this would be a good time to resort to self -care and introspection. With Mercury retrograding in the house of Taurus as well, we are advised to slow down in our lives.

Around this time, Venus the lord of Taurus would be travelling through Aries asking us to socialize a lot. Make sure that you spend ample “me-time” too, beware of any distractions that come your way around this time.


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