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Solar Eclipse- what does it imply astrologically?

01 Dec 2022

Solar Eclipses always fall on New Moons and are portals of new beginnings. They open new paths for us to travel. Solar eclipses remind us of the purpose here on planet earth. Solar Eclipse inspire sus to sow seeds that would yield fruits later on in our lives.

Mercury Retrograde - Panduan Survival - Do's and Dont's with Explainer video

25 Nov 2022

Semua planet dalam sistem suria bergerak dalam arah yang sama mengelilingi Matahari, masing-masing dengan kadar kelajuan yang berbeza. Orbit Mercury ialah 88 hari; oleh itu kira-kira 4 orbit Mercury mengelilingi Matahari bersamaan dengan 1 tahun Bumi.

Rückläufiger Merkur - Survival Guide - Do's and Dont's mit Erklärvideo

25 Nov 2022

Alle Planeten des Sonnensystems bewegen sich in der gleichen Richtung um die Sonne, jeder mit unterschiedlicher Geschwindigkeit. Die Umlaufbahn von Merkur ist 88 Tage lang; daher entsprechen etwa 4 Umläufe des Merkur um die Sonne einem Erdenjahr.

Mercury Retrograde - Survival Guide - Do's and Dont's with Explainer video

22 Nov 2022

All the planets of the solar system move in the same direction around the Sun, each with a different rate of speed.

Mga Bituin ng konstelasyon ng Cetus

30 Dec 2021

Ang kalangitan sa gabi ay pinalamutian ng maraming kumikinang na mga konstelasyon. Nakilala ng mga lokal na tagamasid ang silangang pangkat ng mga bituin habang lumilipas ang mga taon, at isinama nila ang mga natuklasang ito sa kanilang mga kultura, mito, at alamat.

Cetus constellation Stars

20 Dec 2021

The night sky is decorated with many shimmering constellations. Local observers were able to recognize the east group of stars as the years went on, and they incorporated these findings into their cultures, myths, and folklore.