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This Valentine’s Day is going to be a special day for almost all the zodiac signs. This is because Venus, the planet of love is in conjunction (0 deg) with Neptune in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Neptune, the planet of dreams coming to contact with the planet of love would surely make some room for romance. Apart from this, around this Valentine’s day there seems to be no retrograde motion around and the Sun is treading through the sign of Aquarius. All this culminate towards a romantic special.

This Valentine’s day, Venus the planet of love and romance is in Pisces, where it is said to be exalted or is in its strongest position. Hence this is going to be a Valentine’s day full of romantic adventures for most of the zodiacs.

So what to expect this Valentine Season, based on your zodiac sign:


This Valentine’s day would surprise the Aries folks in quite unexpected ways. Your heart would be led towards the path it should take. All these time, love would have been quite near you but was not visible. Now, you get fired up. You would be spending quality time connecting with your loved one. There would be intense drama around with much interesting things in store. But make sure that you do not stir things up too much. Finally a secret admirer might reveal or propose to you this day. With Moon in the final degrees of Scorpio, passions would be intense and fierce for Aries. Most of the planets have your back, go on and proclaim your love.


Your romantic moves would become more sensuous and would be dictated by your partner this Valentine. Go on, get excited and let your dreams take wings. All these days of loyalty and commitment would end in happy endings this day. If at all, an old flame is pursuing you, this is the time let go off of the old. Venus in Pisces guides you in loving and living in harmony with your partner. Playing and connecting with your date now gets better. There would be better alignment with your mate for now with Venus getting closer to Neptune. You would get into better accepting him or her despite their flaws. And would be able to open up your heart and feelings. Emotional intimacy would be at its peak, with Moon treading in the sign of Scorpio. Use the positive energy around to open up to your partner and forge better connect.


There would be strong thoughts about the future course of your love life this Valentines day, Gemini. Though you are known to flirt and not much serious about commitments, this Valentines day, the conjunction of Venus and Neptune makes sure that there are plans for tying the knot or settling down with partner. The Moon in Scorpio, further spurs you into action and take a great leap with regard to your relationships. Do not hesitate, be eager to show your partner and take your relationship to the next level. However tread with caution around this Valentines day as there might be some personal and professional spaces merging or in other words clashing. Be prepared to handle some high drama around this Valentines day too. Do sit down, and talk your heart through to your mate. Discuss your long term goals and make sure that both of you are on the same page. Let your voice and opinion be heard.


Be prepared to handle some emotional upheavals this Valentines day, Cancer. There would be mixed excitements around and love would not always be rosy, if you do not make your feet and hands dirty. This is not a time for turning back, instead mend fences and spend some lovely time together with partner for the day. With Moon in Scorpio, there would be intense emotions around, however be clear of your expectations with regard to your relationship. For some Cancers, an overdose of word commitments might mar the days’ prospects. Things might get a bit wild with Venus and Neptune in conjunction, but then maintain your pace. Do remember, this is a good day for you where you can reflect on the hopes and dreams of your love life. Embrace things that comes your way. Do not hesitate to surprise your Valentine, however do not forget to prioritize yourself and your needs first.


This Valentines Day would bless you with a new stage to perform, Leo. A day that calls you to dedicate yourself to love and partner. Through the day, you would find different ways to communicate your love. This is not a time go solo. Do connect with your partner, spend quality time with him or her. Form a long lasting romantic relationship that you would feel fortunate enough in the years to come. And the stars and the planets are in favor for you. Single Leos would celebrate love in a grand manner this day. Positive vibes are around, go on and impress your partner. The Venus-Neptune conjunction makes sure that there would be some intimate experiences for you. You would be able to share your heart and soul with your partner. Believe in your intuition and nurture your relationship. The Moon in Scorpio brings about much sensual energy into play. Use the day to enhance your bond with your partner.


Virgos would get in contact with some of their best partners this Valentines day. The day would be sweet and love would just overflow. A sense of ambition and hunger for love would prevail around this period. There would be ample room for romance and love despite you being critical and analytical about your partner. If you are dating someone, then things would be taken to a still higher realm, may be there might be marriage talks. Use the energy around to better partner with your soulmate. The Venus-Neptune conjunction around would help you to manifest your love . Do not focus on details, instead look at the rosy picture of you both walking hand in hand in a future date. Do ask your heart’s desire now, there is no wrong in it. Take any pressure that is weighing down with regard to your love relationships. Celebrate this day with partner, go out for dinner and settle down for a warm snuggle at home. Always make sure that your connections are just strong anytime.


Libras would be able to share their feelings of love and desire to partner this Valentines day. Though there would be challenges of sorts around, the day would be blissful for Libras. Single Libras in particular would feel the day driving them quite crazy. If you are looking for some changes in your relationship, then this is a good day to make that. Whatever said and done, make sure that there is perfect balance between work and play this period. The conjunction of Venus with Neptune makes you focused towards partner, hence make some bold decisions with regard to your relationship. This is going to be one the luckiest day in recent times. Have fun with partner as there would be extra magic around. Your romantic energy would be amplified and there would be a major leap in your love path. And Moon in Scorpio makes you to speak your heart out. Expect new beginnings and commitments this day.


Your sign must be prepared to receive big surprises in relationships. Whatever the change, trust the universe and stop controlling everything. A leap of faith will give you a better outlook on life. This Valentines day would bring about some finishing touches to your love relationship. The Venus-Neptune conjunction helps you to better express yourself this day. You are one of the luckiest sign for the day with the Moon treading through your final degrees. Both the singles and the engaged ones would see good flow of positive vibes and sensual energy around. This day would bring your heart’s desire to the table. Do surprise or excite your partner in your own usual secretive way. This is a good day to deepen your connection as lots of sexual and romantic intimacy is promised. Though you might feel vulnerable around this day, it is a good time to open up to your love and increase your bonding on a more intimate note.


Sagittarius natives would find this Valentine’s day a very appropriate time to make some important life decisions with regard to their love or marriage pursuit. You very well know what you want in your partner, go on and communicate. Be free to ask for your share of independence as well. The day would improve your social activities, however make sure that partner gets his or her due attention for the day. The Moon would be shortly entering your sign and this forebodes some positive emotional vibes around. The day is an ideal time to take your partner for an outing. This would be a good time to talk over your future life course with partner too. And that would forge some deep bonds in your relationship. Natives are however advised to take control over their feelings and do not take any adventure risks in the love area for the period.


Capricorns would be able to make some good process in their love life on this Valentine’s day. They would realize that love shall flourish if they are a little flexible in their relationships. There might be some rifts when Sun and Saturn would meet around this day. To discover the truth you must trust people, otherwise, you will not be able to advance in love, and now is the time. You will realize the world of opportunities that are presented when you allow yourself to be more free and flexible with your heart. For the day you become more open to your partner like never before and this would make some strong connections. There would be creative ways by which you would express your love with Pisces, hosting the conjunction of Venus and Neptune. With the Moon loitering in Scorpio, you would come out with some secretive ways to surprise your Valentine. This would be a great time for love and romance. Let work take the back wheel for quite sometime.


Be prepared for some emotional turbulences this Valentine’s day, Aquarius. Through the day, you might see harsh realities in your relationships. Your emotions might topple over. But then do not over think, just go with the flow, good things are on the cards for you shortly. The days following Valentine’s day seems quite promising for you. The Moon transiting through the final degrees of Scorpio guides you towards seeking a good balance in your love and also embrace any changes that come with it by ease. Whatever commitment you make this day would have long term prospects. Venus-conjunction Neptune in your neighboring sign of Pisces would be quite fortunate for you too. This is an ideal time to take the next step in your love. Romantic vibes around increase and your self confidence too. Make your intentions clear to partner. If you feel let down or disorganized or anxious, take things in a good stride. True love never fails. Trust your gut feelings and reciprocate the same. Your love life is going to be just beautiful from this day on.


The Venus-Neptune combination in your signis a great position for you this Valentine’s day. You would feel more positive and confident with regard to your love prospects thanks to this influence around. The Moon in Scorpio aids you in sharing your love with your mate in a more innovative or novel way. The cosmos just supports your romance and love. Do not let anything come in between you and your partner for now. With Venus, the planet of love in your sign, there would be no dearth for love and romance. This is your ideal time to claim your love. Do manifest your feelings to partner also in a more positive way. Venus will be in your sign for most of February, which means fertile ground for love. Just be careful that you fall in love with the first person that crosses your path. Carefully analyse each person you come across as a potential soul mate . This is one of your day when dreams and fantasies become reality, go on and have fun.

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