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Mercury, the planet of communication and logical reasoning, will retrograde in Aries from March 15th to April 7th in 2025. This is the first retrograde phase of Mercury for the year. This year all the retrograde phases of Mercury happen to occur in fire signs. To start with, we have it in Aries in March, in July 2025 it would be in Leo and then in November Mercury retrogrades in yet another fire sign of Sagittarius. The pre-retrograde shadow period of this phase extends from the 1st of March to the 14th . The post –retrograde shadow period lasts between April 9th and April 26th .

Mercury rules all sorts of communications, contracts, travelling, buying and selling. Mercury is said to be the messenger of the Gods and rules over our intellect and the way we transfer and assimilate information. When in retrograde phase, Mercury makes us to pause for that time and re think before acting. All areas of communications and transportation stand to be affected every time Mercury turns retrograde. This would be a good time to reflect and contemplate our standing in life rather than banging our heads over dead walls. Wait patiently for Mercury to turn direct, which normally takes about two to three week’s time.

How will the zodiac signs be affected by this Mercury Retrograde in Aries:


Mercury goes retrograde in your sign this March. This would put a hold over your impulsive nature. You better avoid any major communications and for that matter any sort of arguments as you are most likely to lose the same. You are likely to be overtaken by your peers in work place. Retrograde Mercury would make you more vocal and hinder your decision-making ability. This is a season when you feel more energetic but you would be taking some rash and harsh decisions that might affect your long- term prospects. Personal relationships suffer due to the same as well. Take breaks from all aspects of your life, particularly for now. With Mercury being your 6th Lord, you might suffer health issues too for this retrograde phase.


Taurus folks would see Mercury going retrograde in their 12th house of expenditure. This might bring about unwanted expenses of sorts for the bulls. But then past investments would bring in good returns as well as your speculative deals. You would be able to forge some new ventures in collaborative mode. Taurus people might feel like going in circles with maximum labour but with minimum returns these days though. Quite a challenging period, but can be handled with a positive approach. Health expenses escalate as Mercury goes retrograde. Some of your travel plans might go haywire. Rifts arise in personal relationships. You are asked to lay low and wait for Mercury to hit its direct mode.


This March, 2025 Mercury would be seen retrograding in the 11th house for Geminis. This is the house of gains and friends. This would give you a period of joy and happiness with family and friends. You would be financially stable and your bonds would be strengthened. Retrograde Mercury might hinder your social and networking capabilities these days. Things and relationships might fall short of your expectations. There might be stiff competition with peers in work place. Any sort of miscommunication might mar your relationships these days, hence keep a check of what you utter. Geminis better stay out of any controversies till Mercury goes direct.


Mercury is retrograde in your 10th house of career this March. This would help you in your professional pursuits. You will have new acquaintances who would help you to come up the corporate ladder. This is a time when you ought to work hard to keep up the space. Cancer natives would come up with new ideas that would improve their standing in profession. You would be quite impressive and would get into the good books of authorities. Your relationship with partner would also get better by the days. Some of you might encounter problems from opponents. Natives see an increase in their finances and goodness at home despite Mercury being retrograde.


For Leos, Mercury would be retrograde in their 9th house in March 2025 and this is going to affect their paternal relationship to some extent. Be careful with your finances as well as you might be losing it due to improper investment planning. Do not let emotions take control of you during the retrograde season. Learn to let go off of your pride and ego. Natives stand to involve in head-on issues with their fathers, hence refrain from major arguments. Always bank your resources for tough times and be frugal. There would be relationship issues with partner too for now. Give them their due freedom and space and avoid many mental blocks.


This Mercury retrograde in March 2025 happens in the 8th house of Aries for Virgo people. This is your abode of privacy and secrets and this might bring about anxieties around. Be ready for some job changes coming your way. Natives are asked to take care of their physical and mental well being as Mercury goes retrograde. However, you would get the love and support of your family these days. Though Mercury your ruler would be in your favor, take all cautious measures. Certain secrets around would be exposed these days. Do not be your usual critical nature, instead work towards forging good relationships at home and tread cautiously for these three weeks.


Libras would see the planet Mercury going retrograde in their 7th house of love and marriage in March 2025. Natives are asked to strike a good balance between work and play for now. Trust and honesty in relationship would be much called for around this season. Some Libras might feel let down in love or marriage. Stay away from any form of negative energy, instead work towards mending fences. Your decision-making trait would also be put to test as Mercury retrogrades. This is not a good time for financial changes. Health might also play havoc, hence keep it low for now. Take occasional breaks from the rigors of life and encompass peace and harmony.


Retrograde Mercury would be seen transiting through the 6th house of Aries, which is the house of diseases and debts for Scorpios. They better refrain from lending money as it might get them into trouble. You might have troubles with peers in work place. Take care of your well being as well around this retrograde season. There might be some financial hiccups, but hard work and commitment would save you these days. Natives are asked not to over-indulge with their finances for the period. Do not take any hasty decisions with your finances or relationships as this might have some serious repercussions.


Mercury is retrograde in the 5th house of creativity and luck for the Sages during its first phase of retrograde in the year 2025. This would make the natives more creative than ever. Your bond with partner would be great and things do well in the career field as well. With Mercury in the 5th house, Sagittarians would be blessed with some good fortune these days. But stay away from unwanted expenses of sorts. Get help in financial planning. Any sort of over-ambitiousness might mar your performance in personal and professional spheres. Maintain peace at home and work and lay low till Mercury turns direct.


Capricorns would have Mercury going retrograde in their 4th house of Aries in March, 2025. Your hands would be full this season and this might be quite overwhelming for you. This is not a good time to go in for any investments or financial revamping. Instead resort to some spiritual or social works to keep you organised. Mercury might mar your happiness this season. You would be doing well in your career, however would be under constant stress. Things would not go the way you intended, thanks to the retrograde phase. Do spend good time with your loved ones and enjoy domestic bliss for now. Let your communications in personal and professional spheres be transparent and in harmony.


With Mercury retrograde in your 3rd of Aries, this might be a testing time with your siblings. You would be making new acquaintances in work place and there would be scope to expand your knowledge base. Your finances would be good and your will power would be taking you places. You would see many opportunities to improve your inflow of funds. A good time to make some investment plans as well. Be cautious of your love relationship and marriage. Health needs utmost care too these days. Lay low and spend quality time with family. Take hold of your responsibilities and be committed. Enjoy the good things that life has to offer.


For Pisces folks, Mercury would be in retrograde mode in the 2nd house of Aries and this is your financial abode. This is a good time to improve your financial standing. You would be blessed with much romantic moments with partner as well around this time. Money owed to you comes back now and some of you stand to inherit some funds through inheritance. There would be opportunities to travel far and wide and those would be good moments to cherish. But then double-check your plans as there might be hiccups and hindrances. There would be cordial relations with partner and together you would be making some fond memories for the season.

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