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The Sages have a great adventure for the year ahead due to the influences of the planets around. Mercury which turned Retrograde in December, 2023 in the sign of Capricorn turns direct on the 2nd of January in your sign. After a hiatus, you can start important projects and start purchases for now.

You stand to witness a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in your 11th house of Libra on the 25th of March. This brings about a revamp of your friendly relationships and promises a gainful period ahead.

Then there would be the pair for the above eclipse occurring on the 8th of April in your 5th house of Aries and this would be a total Solar Eclipse. This brings the focus on your relationship with children, speculative deals and your creative pursuits.

Sagittarius hosts a Full Moon on the 23rd of May and it would be a time to reflect on your knowledge garnering moves and adventure ideas.

Then comes yet another duo of eclipses, this time it would be a Partial Lunar eclipse in your 4th house of Pisces. This brings to focus domestic welfare and happiness.

This is followed by an Annular solar eclipse on the 2nd of October in your 11th house of Libra. This is the last eclipse for the year impacting your social life and emotional side.

Your ruler, Jupiter goes into retrograde in your 7th house of Gemini on the 9th of October. This brings challenges in relationships and would be quite a turbulent time for the Sages.

Venus enters your sign on the 17th of October liberating your ideas towards love and romance.

Mercury follows Venus for its ingress into Sagittarius on the 2nd of November. This improves your communication skills and encourages logical and quick thinking.

This series of planetary transits into Sagittarius is highlighted by the entry of the Sun on the 21st of November into your sign heralding the Sagittarius season. With this your heart and mind would be open to tremendous adventure  ideas.

On the 26th of November, Mercury turns retrograde in your sign for about three week’s time. This might bring about conflicts and unwanted drama around.

New Moons indicate new starts and when a New Moon occurs in your sign on the 1st of December, be ready to sow some seeds of positivity.

Following the New Moon there is the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury on the 6th of December. This makes you alert and encourages short trips.

Jupiter transits your 6th house till the 26th of May, 2024. Then it shifts to your 7th house of Gemini. In Taurus, Jupiter makes you open-minded and then its transit in Gemini would bring about a good balance in life. Jupiter is retrograde in November-December of 2024. This gives you ample time to reflect on life and re-evaluate your priorities.

Saturn travels through your 4th house of Pisces for the year ahead. This would shift the focus toward home and family. Patience and perseverance would be much needed for the period.

Uranus transits the 6th house of Taurus for the Sages in 2024. This brings  about unexpected changes in your health and work routine.

Neptune traverses the 4th house of Pisces along with Saturn for the whole year ahead. This again brings about some domestic turmoil, be wary.

Finally, we have Pluto through your 2nd house of Capricorn in 2024. This redefines your idea about money and material possessions in life. Then on the 20th of November, Pluto shifts position to your 3rd house of Aquarius. And this brings about major changes in the way you think and communicate.

It’s time to get your house in order, treading the year on a soul-searching note can lead to some amazing moments for the Sagittarians in 2024.

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