Mercury Retrograde 2024 in Aries - April 2024

Mercury goes direct retrograde in Aries on April 1, 2024, at 27 degrees, at 22:14 UT. The direct retrograde station ends on April 25, 2024, at 15 degrees, at 12:54. The Mercury remains retrograde in Aries for 24 days.

Mercury goes retrograde in Aries

Aries possesses very active and competitive energy. It is all about getting up fresh in the morning and getting things done for progress. Aries do not let their days waste. They are always up to something for being better than others. They are highly adventurous and tend to win at everything. Aries is the flagbearer of the competition.

Moreover, they possess great leadership skills and are at the top of their game. Anger is their weakness. Aries has fire as their element, and thus their tempers can be easily flared up.

Aries is the ruler zodiac of the first house. The first house represents one’s view of self, self-worth, and self-presentation. Aries are highly conscious about their place in society and how others view them. Thus, they constantly try to do better.

With Mercury going retrograde in Aries for 24 days straight, it will bring up a lot of problems. Many of you will feel lethargic and lack the motivation to pursue your goals or let alone get out of bed in the morning.

Also, your leadership skills will be lacking. You might not feel any motivation to participate in any competition or activities at your school, college, university, or workplace. Many competitions or events will be rescheduled during this time.

Be aware that many extra-marital relationships will come out into open. Aries possesses a flirtatious streak. Mercury going retrograde in it will bring to the surface many extra-marital affairs.

Moreover, many might struggle with their self-image or place in society and face general anxiety disorders.

Mercury Retrograde 2024  in Aries

What to do during this time?

• You must try to put up many alarms and push yourself to get out of bed in the morning.

• Spend more of your time with yourself and give yourself a break from participating in events and competitions. Enjoy your time.

• Stay loyal with your partner and do not cheat on them, else you could have a break-up.

• If you face any sort of self-worth issues, indulge in positive self-talk.

April 2024 Mercury Retrograde Effects on the zodiac signs

Mercury Retrograde 2024  in Aries

Effects on Aries

The Mercury retrograde in your sign will bring out a rebel in you, dear Aries. You might raise your voice to get your ways, but they would only increase the chaos. Keep your cool!

Effects on Taurus

Taurus, the retrograde time is quite tough. Some people might be annoyed for nothing. Others might have vengeance on their minds. Meanwhile, the remaining might be over-excited without a reason. You might be told that your ways and beliefs need to be changed. Do not listen to them or become part of conflicts. Spend most of the time alone.

Effects on Gemini

Gemini, you might not let a past relationship go or move on. Moving on is the only way out. Push yourself and get ready for it!

Effects on Cancer

Cancer, you will only be successful if you do everything at your speed. Do not listen to others, or things will face destruction.

Effects on Leo

It is best to not force things, dear Leo. Instead, reflect on your inner thoughts, and you will find that solution to your worries is elsewhere. Also, mingle with people from other sectors and careers.

Effects on Virgo

The retrograde will make you rigid, and you will make bad and unusual decisions, which will cause complications. Let the retrograde pass and do not take any important decisions till then.

Effects on Libra

Libra, think before you speak. You might feel annoyed and overwhelmed by your emotions and occurring in life. Avoid giving words to your negative thoughts as they could cause conflicts.

Effects on Scorpio

There is a chaotic environment around you. You might feel that this is disrupting your harmony. Do not socialize much and try to spend time by yourself more.

Effects on Sagittarius

Mercury retrograde will give power to you for rebelling and regaining your freedom. Go for it!

Effects on Capricorn

Although, you feel that nobody understands you, do not force things. Meditate, and it shall work out fine!

Effects on Aquarius

The retrograde shall go fine for you, Aquarius. It helps bring forth your innovative side and practice into new realms of work and innovation. Lots of luck!

Effects on Pisces

Pisces, the Mercury retrograde in Aries will make you brutal and insensitive. Your progress will be slow, annoying you. Avoid saying hurtful things to others as they might leave a lasting impact.

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