Mercury direct - September 5, 2017

The last three weeks would have left you mentally beaten, as Mercury was going retrograde. Things would not have happened in the way you intended them to happen, there would have been periods of misunderstandings and indecisiveness. However now relief is near as retrograde Mercury goes Direct on September 5th, 2017.

Mercury Direct - September 5, 2017

Mercury is a planet which rules over communications, commerce, transportation and the like. All these areas would have taken a set-back thanks to Mercury being retrograde. Now as Mercury turns Direct, things would smooth out as the days move on. Everything does not turn in your favor all of a sudden as Mercury turns Direct, it takes some time for Mercury to regain its lost speed and potential.

When Mercury reaches the degree where it turned retrograde, it reaches its full strength back and this might take a week or two. During this period, you can apply whatever you have learned during the retrograde time into life and practicality. The exact day of Mercury turning Direct, for instance September 5th, 2017, would be a day of high energy and potential when you regain a sense of clarity of things happening around you.

Now that Mercury has turned Direct, you can start signing important contracts, start new ventures, make reforms in life and the like. Mercury direct is a time apt for planning and setting things straight in life. A good period to clear blocks in relationships and plan for your future.

Even if you had a bad period during Mercury retrograde, as it turns Direct you can pick up the threads where you had left them. Repairs done in personal and professional areas can now be tended to.

However beware, as the two weeks following a Mercury retrograde period (commonly called the shadow period) is a time when the stars might mess up with your life, be cautious.

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