Total Lunar Eclipse - Oct 27

The last celestial eclipse for the year 2004 will be a total lunar eclipse. It occurs on October 27.A lunar eclipse takes place during the full moon phase and when it passes through the earth's shadow.Unlike solar eclipses, the lunar ones are safe to watch.

The lunar eclipse will be visible in the extreme northwestern parts of india and also in parts of Africa, Europe, Greenland, the Arctic region, Central America.

In the U.S., the eastern two-thirds of the country will see it. In the western third of that country, the faint penumbral phase begins before moonrise.The partial lunar phases will be visible from all of North America with the exception of Alaska.

Lunar Eclipse- Oct 27, 2004

In Western Europe, the eclipse will occur during the early hours of October 28.The moon sets during totality in East Africa, West Asia and Central Asia.India and Western China will only see the early penumbral stages before the moon sets.

This lunar eclipse will not be visible in Japan, Eastern China, South-East Asia and Australia.

On October 28 in India, the visible total eclipse will begin as the moon enters the darker shadow of the earth at 6 hours 44.3 minutes.It will leave the darker shadow at 10 hours 23.7 minutes.

The total eclipse period will be between 7 hours 53.4 minutes to 9 hours 14.6 minutes(IST). This eclipse belongs to the saros series 136.

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