Eclipses of March 2007

An eclipse of the moon occurs first on March 4th, 2007 and the next one of the Sun following on the 19th .

Total Lunar Eclipse on March 4th, 2007

lunar eclipse 2007

There will be a total lunar eclipse on the night of 3rd March, past midnight in India.

It will be visible in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the western parts of Asia and almost all of Greenland, except eastern parts of Australia, extreme East Asia, Alaska and extreme northwest Canada. No part of the eclipse will be visible from much of the Pacific basin including New Zealand. This eclipse will be unique, in a way, because it will be visible from every continent over the earth, either partially or as a total one.

During the eclipse, the moon is in southern Leo, about 130 east of the star Regulus (Alpha Leo) of Makha of 1.3 magnitude. The orbital trajectory of the Moon takes it through the northern half of the umbral shadow of the Earth. Though the eclipse will not be central, the total phase may still last for 73 minutes. At the instant of greatest eclipse at 28th.51m.IST, the Moon will lie in the zenith for observers in Nigeria and Cameroon.

The eclipse occurs in Poorvaphalguni Nakshatra. Those born in it and also Makha, Uttaraphalguni, Bharani and Poorvashada have to perform Grahanashanti. The eclipse does not augur will particularly for Africa and parts of Europe and Asia which should get prepared for troubles of sorts. It is mostly so for India as well.

The beginning of the partial phase and the beginning and ending of the total phase of this eclipse will be visible from all parts of India.

Partial Solar Eclipse on March 19, 2007

solar eclipse march 2007

The second eclipse in March 2007 will be a partial eclipse of the Sun on the 19th. It will be the first solar eclipse of 2007 occurring at the ascending node of the Moon in Pisces. This will be visible from Eastern Asia and parts of Northern Alaska. Greatest eclipse takes place at 08h.32m.IST when its magnitude would be 0.8754. This partial eclipse will begin at 06h.08.26s.IST and end at 09h.55m.IST.

This eclipse will be visible from most of Asia. The eclipse starts at sunrise in a band from the Ural Mountains in Russia to India. It ends at sunset in Alaska and the Arctic to the north.

In India the beginning of the eclipse will be visible only from the eastern and northeastern parts. For the remaining parts of India the Sun would rise after the eclipse begins. The middle and ending phases of the eclipse will however be seen throughout India.

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