It is widely believed that the date - 7-7-07 (the seventh day of the seventh month of the year 2007) has good luck . Hence there had been a mad rush among Indian- Americans to get married on that date.

Couples have been advised that the date is very auspicious according to the Hindu calendar. It is also the seventh day of the seventh month on the Hindu lunar calendar.

Similarly, many first-generation Chinese-Americans have also decided to get married on July 7.

According to numerology, 7-7-2007 reduces to a five (7+7+2+0+0+7=23, then 2+3=5). Hence there seems to be not much significance attached with this date. Five literally means chaos.

Current estimates predict there will be 4 times as many weddings on that day as there would be on a normal Saturday in July. Many chose it because they thought it made for a cool and memorable wedding anniversary.

The triple sevens denotes a jackpot, and they add up to a lucky 21.The number seven has significance all around the world. Catholics have seven virtues, seven deadly sins, and seven sacraments, and Hindus recognize the seven chakras of the body.

Both the Bible and the Torah prominently feature the number 7, most notably as the day that God rested after creating the earth. And 7-7 is the day of the annual lovers festival in Japan.

If you had missed this date, don't worry. The other dates in line with this trend are 09-08-07 (Saturday) 06-07-08 (Saturday) 08-08-08 (Friday) Since 8 is the most important lucky number in China, some wedding experts are predicting this date will be even more popular than July 7, 2007.

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