Vedic Forecasting

Astrological forecasting (Muhurta):

"Muhurta" means a moment of time. Muhurtara ("Electional Astrology") is concerned with choosing right time to do things. It focuses most especially on Time (Kala), rather then on actual horoscope. In the "Vasishta Samhita" it is stated: "Time itself is a God and God is Time.

The knower of God can only be the knower of Time." Studying Muhutra reveals the effect of Time, which can also be applied with grate advantage in the context of natal astrology. There are a few texts that give the effect of time on nativity such as "Jataka Parijata", "Hora Ratnam" and "Jataka Bharnam".

Vedic Forecasting


anchanga ("having five parts") is a set of 5 factors related to Vedic astrological forecasting and timing of actions. It composed of: 1) Tithi (lunar day); 2) Vara (solar day); 3) Nakshatra (lunar constellation); 4) Yoga (combinations relative to the Sun and Moon); 5) Karana (half of Tithi).

yearly sidereal almanac:

Almanac presents Panchanga on daily basis, which would be very complex and time consuming to calculate on ones own.