Comparison between Individual charts

Comparison of Main Factors:

It is important to check the harmony between the two charts in terms of the main factors of chart interpretation. Here we examine how the factors relate one by one, rather than by the exchange of factors as examined above.

Comparison of Ascendants:

It is helpful to have a good relationship between ascendants. This affords communication and brings our daily actions and spontaneous impulses into harmony. It is not best if the ascendants are the same as this can lack in balance. Ascendants of the same element are generally good and are in trine with one another. Ascendants ruled by the same planet can be helpful or those ruled by friendly planets.

Comparison of Moons:

As the Moon represents our feelings, our social and personal side, it is important in all relationships. The two Moons should have a good relationship, such as in trines from each other. Moons in opposite signs are usually quite favorable. The planets ruling the Moons in both charts should be friendly to each other. Note also the second lesson on Relationship Compatibility as much of it is concerned with the relationship between Moons which is the basis of the Kuta system.

Comparison of Suns:

As the Sun represents our self or ego, it shows how the private sides of our nature can relate. If there is no relationship between the Suns of two charts, or if they do not relate via other planetary influences, however close the two people may be on the deepest level of the self, they will remain separate or alone.

Comparison of palnets

Comparison of Planets:


As Jupiter indicates dharma or inner nature, it is important to have a good Jupiter relationship in the charts. For example, if Jupiter in one chart occupies good houses like the first, fifth, seventh and ninth, or if it aspects Jupiter in the other chart.


Good aspects or friendly relationships between Venuses gives attraction, love and affection.

Aspects between Mars in different charts can cause difficulties and conflict. Most important is Mars in one chart conjunct the Moon in another. Mars conjunct Mars can also be difficult.


A good relationship between Mercuries is helpful for providing long term good communication, essential for any relationship. But it does not necessarily give anything more than that.


Aspects between Saturns can also cause difficulties. More so, Saturn on sensitive points in the partner's chart, like the Sun, Moon or Ascendant, can cause suffering or alienation. Saturn conjunct Mars or Venus can also cause problems.

Planetary Periods

Even if two charts have much compatibility, it is of little consequence if the planetary periods or timing is not good. In addition, the annual chart or Varshaphal and transits should be examined, particularly as to planets in or aspecting the seventh house and seventh lord.