Guru Peyarchi Palangal for Mesham / Aries Rasi (2018-2019)

Jupiter Transit to Scorpio 2019 - Prediction for Aries

Jupiter rules over the 9th and 12th houses for Mesha Rasi natives or those born with the Moon in the zodiac house of Aries. During this transit on October 12, 2018, Jupiter or Guru would be transiting to your 8th house of Scorpio from the 7th house of Libra. The 8th house is an evil house also called the Dustana and hence is not a good position.

This might bring about failures in all quarters for Mesha Rasi natives. Financial losses loom around and there might be losses in business and other professional ventures. Beware of lending to others as you would not be able to retrieve the funds back. Investments would also yield losses at times. Unnecessary travel likely for some natives. There would be rifts and misunderstandings with relationships, be kind and gentle with them for the period though.


During this transit of Jupiter to the zodiac house of Scorpio, there would be little or no profit and your resources might dwindle. However at times there might be a sudden inflow of money for some. Health, both physical and mental need utmost care as Jupiter transits now. Particularly be cautious in travel as accidents loom large. Also natives are advised to take of blood ailments immediately, else there might be serious repercussions.

Guru Peyarchi Palangal for 12 Rasis or Effects of Jupiter transit on the 12 Moon signs



Jupiter transit otherwise called as Guru Peyarchi. Guru in Indian astrological terms is regarded as the most auspicious planet among all the 9 planets, because of its abilities to bestow goodness for all life forms. It is a planet or graha that protects us from the evil cosmic forces and the bad karmic energies .