Temple's Speciality:
Temple's Speciality:

The presiding deity is swayambumurthy in the temple.


Chandra God


Hasta - Four legs of bed


Zodiac Virgo


Sri Kripakupareswarar


Sri Annapurani

Old Year

1000-2000 years old






Tamil Nadu



Indra, chief of the gods


Sri Krupakupareswarar Temple, Gomal 609 805,

Kuttalam Taluk, Nagapattinam.

Phone: +91 95002 84866

Opening Time:

The temple is open from 7.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


Mahashivarathri in February-March, Margazhi Tiruvadhiai in December–January and Tirukarthikai in November-December are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

Temple History:

Mother Parvathi wanted to know how Lord Shiva is conducting the affairs of this world and asked Lord Himself about it. Lord played a trick that Mother Parvathi in a playful mood covered His eyes with Her hands. Within a fraction of second, the activities of the world came to an abrupt halt. Shocked, Mother Parvathi sought the pardon of the Lord for Her playing. Lord said to Mother that she made the world dark by covering His eyes with Her hands and added that He would now disappear in the Hasthavarna jyothi (light from hands) and that she must find out that light in the form of a cow and join Him again. Parvathi came to earth and began to search for the jyoti with the assistance of Her brother Lord Vishnu. On a Hastha nakshatra day, the jyoti appeared. This is also praised as Gomalia Jyoti. Mother Parvathi joined the Jyoti. As the Lord offered his blessings (Krupa) He is named Krupakupareswarar. This is the story behind the temple. Mother was named Annapoorani.

Greatness Of Temple:

People born of Hastha star are advised to visit this temple as often as they could for the relief they need due to astrological reasons on the Hastha star days. Krupakupareswarar is all merciful pardoning wrong doers if they sincerely feel for their deeds. It is also believed that great saints and siddhas are going round the temple invisibly on Hastha star days. Hence, Hastha star natives are advised to pray on this day with nivedhanas of sweet puddings, vada, laddu praying to Lord and Mother Annapoorani with folded hands and go round the prakara for blessings. Those with confused minds and aspiring for a peaceful life may pray here on Mondays and Wednesdays.