Astrological remedies for Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosha is a very common dosha found both equally in men and women and is known by various other names like Chowa dosha, Kuja Dosha, Bhom Dosha or Angarakha Dosha. This is said to occur when the planet Mars falls in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of a rashi or the moon chart. When a person is born in this situation then he or she is said to be affected by mangal Dosha.

The God who rules the planet Mars is Lord Mangal and he also rules over other signs like Aries and Scorpio. Only very few planets like the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are friendly with the Mars planet and thereby to Lord Mangal.When the planet Mars acts positively towards an individual's chart then it is said to give the person high energy, strong will, freedom and self control.

Astro-remedy for mangal dosha

The Mangal or the Mars planet, according to Hindu Vedic astrology is one of the Navagraha planets which indicate characteristics like courage, strength, power and aggression. Apart from the favor the Mangal dosha brings about other negative influences commonly known as Mangal dosha and is very bad for marriage, resulting in distress and tension in relationship. Getting into marriage it becomes very difficult and above all even if they get married it will result in separation and divorce. In rare cases it is believed that a person with Chowa Dosha may sometime result in unfortunate sudden death in the house. Astrology claims that there are two things in astrology which reduces or cancels the effect of Mars dosha when a person is born on Tuesdays or when a male and a female with Mars dosha get married.

Thus of the twelve houses the placement of the Mars in any one of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house of a person's horoscope chart will lead to the Mars Dosha and those who are affected by this dosha are known as Mangliks. Mangliks face lot of hurdles and problems in getting married and even if they get married they will always have problems in marital life. People with Mangal dosha will have difficulties like financial loss and professional troubles. Mangal dosha is mainly considered when two horoscopes are matched for the purpose of wedding. All the characters of a Mangalik male and female has to be matched with the supposed to be bride or the groom to see the compatibility in the horoscope.

Mangal dosha
The occurrence of this dosha is more common when the planet Mars falls in either of the following houses like the first house which indicates dominance, the fourth known for contentment and mental peace, the seventh house which is the house of marriage, the eighth house which is the house of long life or finally the twelfth house, the house of spending. Also if any other planets like Rahu, Saturn or the Sun if placed in any of the above mentioned positions then it also causes doshas similar to Mars but however it will not be as severe as the Mangalika dosha formed by Mars. The ill- effect produced by Mars will be lesser when Mars is placed in either Ascendant chart or Navamansa chart or Moon chart but if it is present in two or more then it will lead to serious problems in life. Apart from the incompatibility in marriages mangalika dosha may also lead to the death of spouse and various other related factors like education, career or profession and child birth.

Manglik dosha
The intensity of the dosha may vary from person to person, for some it may be minor whereas for others it may be major. When the influence is less the remedies include prayers and chanting of mantras which mostly takes care of the ill-effects. But astrologers state that at least 80% of the human beings will be graded as Manglik.Though Mangalika dosha is said to bring in lot of ill-effects it has got lot of remedies to cancel the negativity of the Mangal dosha. There are so many rituals and mantras which works very well with the Mangal dosha according to Vedic astrology which are interpreted by experts in this field. When two people affected by Mangal dosha or when two Mangalikas get married then the effect of the mangal dosha gets nullified and they are blessed to have a happy married life.There is something according to the Hindu Vedic astrology known as Kumbh Vivah where one person is manglik in marriage which will nullify the negative effects of the dosha.

Kumbh Vivah or Ghata Vivah ceremony involves the marriage of the manglik with a pot and breaks it after that. Ashwatha vivah includes the marriage of the manglik with a banana tree or a peepal tree and cut the tree after that. Fasting on Tuesdays is very effective for Mangal dosha where the mangaliks have to observe fast and can only eat toor daal. Chanting of the Navgraha mantra, Gayathri mantra and the Hanuman Chalisa by the mangalik individuals on Tuesdays acts as a good remedy for mangal dosha. Apart from reciting of the mantras the mangaliks can also perform certain specific rituals and pooja pertaining for Lord Mangal. Also the navagraha temple in the Vaitheeswaran Koil or Pullirukkuvelur Temple near Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu is noted for Lord Kuja or Mangal or Mars.

Sages and experts of Vedic astrology suggest few temples which can be visited and certain specific poojas can be performed on Tuesdays which to an extent will reduce the ill- effects of Mangal dosha. Some of the most popular temples of Lord Mangal are situated in Kumbakonam in the state of Tamil Nadu while there are also few others in Guwahati, Assam. Astrologers also suggest visiting a Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and lighting a ghee lamp along with distribution of vermilion and sweets. Offerings and contributions made on Tuesdays in any temple with things like swords or knives, food that are made of red lentil daals (masoor daal), wheat breads, red silks, and red stones such as corals work as a very good remedy for mangal dosha. Rings of red coral stone can be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.

Worshipping of Lord Muruga and Goddess Durga is supposed to be very effective for the Mangliks. Orange colour idol of Lord Ganesha is supposed to be kept in the worship room and worshipped on a regular basis. It is also good to feed birds with sweet and to offer sweet milk to banyan and worship. Chant the mantra of Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramcharitmanas starting on a Tuesday for a period of 40 days. Gayathri mantra can be recited for a period of 108 days without any break. Apart from chanting hanuman mantra it is also good to visit Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and offer sweets and sindoor to the people there. Red colored clothes can be donated to those who work with iron items.

The most famous Lal Kitab suggests some common remedies for those who are affected with Mangal dosh. According to Lal Kitab there are several other factors which denote if a person is or not under the influence of Mangal dosha and if in the case of presence of how much is it going to be destructive. For more precise remedies we should approach astrologers for they give a detailed account of how to do the remedies. When Mars is present in the 1st house the remedy is to fill an earthen pot covered with lid and bury it in an area which is isolated or away from people. Certain remedies may sound strange but still the experts in the field of astrology suggest it as a remedy.

When Mars is present in the 4th house then it is advised to leave the empty sacks in which sugar was packed on the terrace of the house which is believed to nullify Manglika dosha. The presence of Mars in the 7th house involves a remedy of breaking a mud wall which is most commonly built with raw and unprocessed mud. With Mars in the 8th house of a natal chart the remedy is to heat up a tawa and then remove it from fire and sprinkle water as much time as possible. It is also recommended to wear silver in the left hand. Also it is always advisable to get both the male and female with Mangal dosha to be married for the dosha is neutralized.

Counteraction of Manglika dosha takes place when the planet Jupiter unites together in the line of Mars. Mutual or complimentary positioning of both the planets Mars and Rahu in a person's horoscope will also reduce the effects of Mangal dosha. Also presence of Mars in its own house neutralizes the effect. At the time of Jupiter acting as the 8th lord and if Mars is placed in the 8th house then the dosha effects are reduced. Similar is the case with planet Venus for when Venus and Mars are placed at the 12th house then the effect of the dosha on the Mangliks is reduced.