Astrological remedies for general happiness

The three basic necessities in a person's life are food, shelter and clothing which will result in general happiness. Astrology plays a major role in an individual's life and most of us at some point of life are influenced by the impact of astrology. Not that everybody always have a good time for most of them experience both good and bad time in their life.

When a person is affected by the impact of bad time then those are the situation where astrology and astrologers come into action with their remedies.

Astrologers work on the positions of the planet in an individual's horoscope and give solutions to lower the impact of bad time.But a horoscope can itself be correct only when it is calculated with correct time and date of birth. A successful person can be defined as one who has prosperity, name,

Astrological remedy for Happiness

fame and money and in fact this is the wish of all the people in the universe. To be successful in life till death is not an easy task for apart from hard work, luck should be also favorable for an individual to prosper in life. Unfortunately it is very few people who live in prosperity right from birth till death. Though fate has already destined our destiny but still to reach that in the successful way without hindrance then we will have to follow certain remedies given by the astrologers.

 Remedy for power
There are so many remedies in astrology for all problems which can create miracles for which you will have to believe in it changing the negatives into positives. The divine power of astrology will at least to an extent help an individual to prosper in life and thereby to gain happiness.Rahu which disturbs our happiness to a major extent can be reduced by having our meal while the fire is still burning in the kitchen which will certainly promise to reduce the evil effect of Dragon's head. Not only for happiness but for many other positive vibrations in the house cows are supposed to be fed at regular intervals which will improve a better conjugal relationship in the family and also takes care of the health of the spouse.

Astrology states that never leave the house with clutters and when we are sure that a certain thing is not used for a long time or if it is under repair either dispose it or repair it. Never clutter the house or the work place with unnecessary articles.General happiness for the well being of the house can be attained by the lady of the house when she regularly waters a peepal tree and lights a lamp with mustard oil on every Saturday evening. Try getting blessings from elderly people, monks, parents and saints. Generally blue and black colored clothes are not recommended for it affects happiness creating inconvenience to the planet Rahu.

Astro remedies also suggest garlanding of Goddess Lakshmi and Narayan with yellow flowers on every Thursday for happiness and luck. The planet Moon which influences a person's prosperity can be strengthened and the evil effects of Rahu can be reduced by drinking and eating in silver utensils. A house can be free off quarrels, sickness and other troubles when a dog is fed with sweet bread once a month. It will also remove troubles caused by negative or ill- placed Mars in your horoscope. Saturdays plays a major role in the prosperity and the well being of a person for it is good to give oil for Shani or the planet Saturn.Also giving away a pair of shoes or any footwear to a poor person on Saturday helps in enhancing a person's happiness.

Spiritual energy and happiness
Happiness in life can also be ensured by offering clove daily to any Goddess temple especially to the God of Wealth, Mahalakshmi. The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi can be achieved by adorning the cash box of the house or a shop with seven gomti chakra, eleven kodis and seven sulemaani Hakik. Turmeric powder tilak is applied to all this and then is tied to a yellow cloth and is put inside the cashbox. For a quick result of happiness, astrology suggests to mark the sign of swastik on both sides of the door. 11 Siddha gomti chakra in sindoor drawn in the pooja room is very good to maintain a peaceful environment at home.To ward off the evil at home take 8 siddha gomti chakra on Wednesday, take 2 first and rotate it 21 times and throw it to the south direction then take 2 more rotate it 21 times throw it to West direction and thus in North and East. Happiness also comes with regualr mopping of the house and the business place.

Happiness according to astrology can be defined as an object or thing which when owned gives us a positive vibration or influence to the luck of the person. People get in touch with astrologers to identify which lucky charm, sign or symbol can help them win the lottery, or win at gambling and other games of chance. Feather from ancient days is believed to be a sign of good luck indicating the journey of the soul to the other Kingdom. When a person adorns himself with the three keys it is believed to bring good luck and fortune by helping us to be in good health, wealth and love. Ancient Vedic astrologers have predicted that Gems are natures' store house of energy which emits mighty cosmic vibrations which in turn oppose the negative and destructive vibrations of planets which are unfavorable in a person's horoscope.

Happiness related to financial circumstances of a person can be enhanced by doing charity and by donating to the welfare of the community especially by offering services and a small amount of your resources on a Thursday to charitable institutions. By doing so the planet Jupiter is energized thereby bringing happiness. The planet Jupiter can also be further set in positive energy making an offering of articles which are yellow or planting of yellow-flower plants for the color yellow is highly linked to the beneficent Jupiter. Astrologers also give remedies for happiness where by feeding pigeons and other birds with green moong beans. Tulasi plant is always in favor of happiness for the person and the family. The vibrations of the tulasi plant in a house are to fill the environment with positive energy and thereby bring good luck and happiness to the inhabitants. Feng Shui also says similar things about different objects, plants and colors to heighten the happiness in your life.

The planet Venus plays a major role in the happiness of a person. When it is positioned in Virgo sign then it considered as a weak planet. If this is the position of the Venus planet in a person's birth chart then the native will not enjoy any happiness be it materialistic or mental. His or her married life will not be happy and also there will be lot of financial crisis. The individuals are prone for accidents. The astrological remedies for such placement are:

- Donation of cows and also feed the cow before you eat.

- Be hygienic with regular baths and clean clothes.

- Diamond ring is recommended in the little finger.

- Drop coconut in the flowing water specifically in a river or a stream.

- Wash barley with milk and along with coal drop it in the flowing water.

- Be kind to vultures and offer food to them.

- Have a plait on the head, try to live in joint family and have good relationship with them.

- Can help the poor especially by donating for weddings.

- Donation of ghee, camphor, curd and white pearl.

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