Astrological remedies for Good Luck and Fortune

Astrology not only predicts about our future but it also to an extent gives remedies to ward off the difficulties and bad luck that is likely to be faced by most of us at some point of life. These are the situations where astrology plays a major role by giving remedies and solutions to intensify our luck and fortune. There are a number of astrological principles available

which has been devised by great sages and astrologers that can be effectively employed at all times of difficulties thereby accrediting the individuals in favor of luck and fortune. Most of the remedies provided by the astrologers are very ancient but still they promise to be effective ritual technologies in the present day scenario.

Astro-remedy for good luck

The astro remedies for luck and fortune includes planting, eating or even wearing leaves, roots and stems of plants. We need to be very thankful to the sages and gurus of Vedic period who after lot of studies and research and with the help of astrology, ayurveda, mantra siddhi, meditation came out with restorative solution which helps us to come out of any difficulties like physical, mental and emotional thereby helping us with better luck and thus paving way for a better destined life. When we feel that our level of confidence is pulled down and life is frustrating with too much anxiousness and emotions or if we feel that someone or something is trying to destroy our solidarity resulting in continuous problems both at home and workplace whether for that matter be it big or small, then astrological remedies come to our rescue.

Goodluck tree
When life is totally a burden and meaningless affair for us then the right option to do is to revamp and work out with the help of astro remedies in making life healthy and prosperous by bringing luck in favour of us. Prosperity and good luck are hand in gloves or when an individual is in favour of good luck then it is for sure that the particular individual is going to lead a prosperous life. Good luck according to astrology can be defined as an object or thing which when owned gives us a positive vibration or influence to the luck of the person. People get in touch with astrologers to identify which lucky charm, sign or symbol can help them win the lottery, or win at gambling and other games of chance. With the help of astrology and by studying the individuals chart or horoscope the astrologers can suggest remedies of how to work with the good luck charms. We must wonder as to how the good luck charms work, which cannot be easily understood but have to get in-depth to understand the nature of the charm. Vedic Talismans is one such lucky charm which brings good luck as a result of a combination of this positive spiritual energy, produced from their physical form.

Lucky charms for fortune
The spiritual energy is imparted in the charms or talismans during their consecration and through the faith that is placed in them by those who possess them, it works wonders.One of the British Universities has conducted a study on the lucky charms and how the individual possessing it sees a genuine enhancement in their prosperity. Luck can be brought about by any simple object say a lucky cap, a lucky handkerchief, etc., which brings good luck working as a general divisor and of course the person carrying it should believe the faith placed by them in it. Of course the other part of the theory is that one cannot totally depend on luck for the individual should also work with it. People may sometime worry about debt and high expenses which will lead to no savings. SO a wise decision for this is obviously to control over the credit and debit cards and to act more frugal apart from the astro remedies.Some of the effective sources according to astrology which is likely to bring good luck and fortune are quite a number in the list which brings positive energy. Not only in Vedic astrology but universally the horse shoe is supposed to be a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Horse Shoe

When a horse shoe is placed at the top right corner of the main door frame at the entrance of a house, then it indicates to inviting good luck to enter the house. When a used horse shoe is kept facing towards the North direction in the upright position be it in any place say an office building or in a house then that is likely to enhance the place by bringing positive spiritual energy. The horse shoe works against the supernatural effects of Saturn or 'Shani Dev'.


Rudraksh is symbol of Lord Shiva, the God of Hindu trinity. There are nearly 38 different types of Rudraksh where the original ones are mainly found in parts of the Himalayas, Indonesia and Malaysia. Rudraksh are said to be very powerful and give us spiritual powers, good health, fame and material happiness. All of us must be aware of the 108 bead rosaries, an ancient Vedic product which is commonly used for chanting mantras. There is also some modern theory which is attached to the number 108. It is calculated to be the distance between the Earth and the Sun which is approximately 108 times the Sun's diameter. The astrologers also came up with the fact that there are 108 steps between our ordinary human awareness and our inner divinity.

Butterfly Charms

Butterfly is said to be a symbol of freedom and perfection in nature and people not only believe that but also experience that they are omens of good luck and fortune. The fluttering of butterfly in a place results in embodiment of indefinite good fortune and luck. We should be aware of the life cycle of a butterfly for it is not born but only metamorphosised into a perfectly symmetrical creature, thereby signifying ones ill fate which can be transformed into good fortune. The Greeks associate the butterfly with soul and also some ancient Naga tribes of North East India believe that they are descendants of butterflies.

Zodiac and Numerological Charms

Numbers and the zodiac signs are said to have a lot of significance in the life of a person. Numbers should always be taken into account for a numerological balance helps in bringing good luck and fortune. It also helps in bringing good luck in all the new beginings resulting in no adverse actions which is very important at all times of life. Also getting a charm for a favorable number or one which represents your zodiac sign can be very rewarding.

Acorn and crystals

Acorn the nut of the oak tree is a symbol of good luck charm according to astrology. Theories have proved that natural crystals are of great astro remedial value which increase the positive spiritual energy of a place.

Om and Swastik

The word "Om" is said to have the entire universe in it. It is strongly believed that people who worship this symbol are bestowed with good luck and fortune and thereby spiritual powers too.Swastik is the symbol of the Lord of Good Fortune. In Sanskrit the word "swastika" means purveyor of good fortune. Swastik is said to bring in luck and prosperity. Care should be taken in placing it in the right way for the best results are produced only when it is placed in the clock wise direction.

Feather and Keys

Feather from ancient days is believed to be sign of good luck indicating the journey of the soul to the other Kingdom. When a person adorns himself with the three keys it is believed to bring good luck and fortune by helping us to be in good health, wealth and love.


Ancient Vedic astrologers have predicted that Gems are natures store house of energy which emits mighty cosmic vibrations which in turn oppose the negative and destructive vibrations of planets which are unfavorable in a person's horoscope. This will result in increase of good or positive vibrations leading to strengthening of the favorable planets according to a person's horoscope. Gems have the power and energy to increase one's mental abilities and psychic powers, bring immense good luck and fortune, eradicate problems and remove hurdles in all major areas like Marriage, Career, Business, Education, Wealth, etc. Gems have spiritual healing and curative powers. It is widely believed that gem stones are said to bring about changes in fortune and luck or acts as a remedy for bad luck. But however this has become a big business and people are exploited by unethical astrologers who make the public buy the expensive and unnecessary remedies to change their fortune.It is an absolute belief that or it is a fact that gemstones, of a high pure quality, can impart various energies to a person.

Other Remedies for Good Luck

Good luck and fortune may even come from eating certain specific food and keeping oneself away from certain food and chanting of mantras.Good fortune related to financial circumstances of person can be enhanced by doing charity and by donating to the welfare of the community especially by offering services and a small amount of your resources on a Thursday to charitable institutions. By doing so the planet Jupiter is energized thereby bringing good luck. The planet Jupiter can also be further set in positive energy by making an offering of articles which are yellow or planting of yellow-flower plants for the color yellow is highly linked to the beneficent Jupiter. Astrologers also give remedies for good luck where by feeding pigeons and other birds with green moong beans. Tulasi plant is always in favour of good fortune and luck for the person and the family. The vibrations of the tulasi plant in a house is to fill the environment with positive energy and thereby bring good luck. Feng Shui also says similar things about different objects, plants and colors to heighten your luck in your life.

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