Lucky Number – 8

Right from the day numbers were introduced to man, each number where defined with different traits which played major significance in everyday life. But however few numbers have been thought to be lucky,while others are considered unlucky. It was not only the western culture which believed the concept of lucky and unlucky but also

the different cultures in Japan, China, India and Africa followed the same belief where only the reasons varied. In the Chinese culture numbers play a major role for it occupies a place second only to food.

Lucky Number 8

This concept of belief in numbers by the Chinese very clearly shows their spontaneous and natural liking for any two different words which are pronounced the same way but yet gives a different synonym. According to Chinese, numbers are supposed to destine a person's fate because it is influenced by good luck and thereby decides their happiness in life. On the whole Chinese culture is quite interesting because they

interlink so many factors of astronomy and geography catalyst by the codes of heaven and earth. It is excessively loaded with credulous belief or rather superstitions. The Chinese classify the numbers into three categories the LUCKY, the UNLUCKY and the NEUTRAL. Their reference in belief to a particular number is strongly backed by the concept that it may bring affect their behavior and choices in life .The act of striving for happiness and a prosperous long life for the Chinese is highly effected by the good vibes which a number could bring to them.

Numbers are also associated with the Yin energy which brings a balance between harmony and joy. The Chinese believe in the existence of a mystic relationship between numerals and living things. One can witness that a purchase of anything by a Chinese will have priority to the numbers for it denotes either good fortunes or good health. This goes very much evident in the case of the Chinese buying lottery tickets. At times they also go to an extent where they even create a new meaning for the numbers to make their confidence grow to the height of the winning pole. Mostly the eastern countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Korea ardently consider 8 as their lucky number. They are much conscious or aware of the strength of numbers denoted either as single integer, in doubles or as multiples. A number is considered lucky or unlucky mainly based on its correlation with the pronunciation of the number and they sound pronunciation of another word which should tally by resulting in a positive implication.

Being an earth element the number 8 blends factors like constancy, resoluteness of goals in the kingdom wealth and prosperity. In Chinese Numerology the numeral 8 means "New Beginning". This number which serves to set in motion and the act of spiritual rising explains the power within the world of phenomenon. Generally the eastern countries consider the even numbers luckier than the odd numbers. The Japanese even now consider this number of fortune as a very holy number though the reasons vary from that of the Chinese culture. Chinese culture is saturated in superstition, where the number takes a maximum role in deciding the birthdays, wedding dates and naming. The Mandarin Chinese, says that the sound of "eight" is close to that of "prosperity and wealth, whereas in Cantonese it sounds very much like "fortune". This number which carries a great deal of power is also considered very auspicious and holy in many cultures. Whereas there are also explanations in numerology which states this number is comparable to the tower and the fortune telling in death card.

When we look deep into the theory of a number its quite amazing of how the correspondence of terminal sounds of words can set in a long-established custom or belief. The number 8 is been justified with true examples of continuous pursuit of wealth and well being. The main point which is been taken into consideration for the lucky factor of 8 is its pronunciation and its shape which takes a perfect symmetrical. Either vertical or horizontal cutting of the number 8 gives a mirror image of both the halves and thereby a perfect balance. Perfect balance, in the Chinese Astrology is deemed excellence. In the eastern countries the word 8 is pronounced as "ba" which is rhymed with the word "fa" meaning prosperity, making money and good fortune," The number 8 is synonymic with Sacrifice, Work Hard and Power. Apart from the lucky factor of number 8 which is conducive to success there are other numbers like "888" and "888,888" which is also regarded more auspicious for they have more than one eight in them. This might also be one of the reasons in China, where they have Eight Taoist Symbols, Eight Buddhist Treasures, and Eight Immortals. In Chinese mythology "The Eight Immortals" are a group of legendary Xian where each one can be moved to a tool of power capable of giving life or destroying evil.

The number 8 which shows similarity to the symbol of infinity is considered to be for its quality or state of unboundedness.8 is always good for any business for it brings in unending money. Buddhism is also influenced by the value of this number for the sacred Lotus flower has eight petals. The Chinese zodiac symbol for this great number is the "Sheep". Being the element of earth the number 8 has an excellent establishment with the feng shui.The queen of feng-shui,Lillian Too states that apart from the Chinese dialect it is phonetically associated with sounds like 'growth with prosperity.', hence regarded as a universally lucky number. There are also some definite statements which says that the number is even more great for we are now amidst of the 20 year cycle of the number 8, which began lunar year of 2004 and will run through 2024.Apart from the above facts listed the folklores of Chinese history has stories about the eight fairies who represent the attributes of loyalty, filial love, benevolence, love, faith, virtue, peace and harmony, for example. The people who believe in the power of the number 8 mostly try to include the number 8 in all personal owning of them like their telephone number, bank accounts, car license plates, addresses, etc.

The zodiac sign of this number in astrology is Scorpio. Infact there are eight greatest kinds of Kung fu in Shaolin martial arts. During the middle ages the number of "unmoving" stars in the sky was mentioned by the number 8 and it emblematized the high standards of the incoming planetary energy. When there is a 90 degree turn of the number 8 horizontally it gets transformed to "infinity" in math and shows an immortal philosophy. People usually end up in paying a huge sum of money to own properties with the lucky number 8. The history of China says that the number 8 has been dominantly taken over almost all the fields like architecture, literature, and politics including their system of values. Now it makes more sense why the Chinese had to fight hard to host the Olympic in the 2008 for it being their lucky number they must have strongly believed it would bring good luck to their players. A careful study of the Olympics in Beijing in 2008 shows that it was started on August 8, 2008 at 8 pm, 8 minutes and 8 seconds after 8 pm.There are many interesting facts about the number 8.Can you ever believe a Chinese man from Hangzhou came forward to sell his license plate reading A88888 for roughly USD164,000.Another interesting story was that a telephone number having all eight digits was sold for 270, 723 in Chengdu,China.

The twin towers in Malaysia, "The Petronas" have 88 floors each. Asian Arowana, a rare kind of Dragon fish which is generally used to be micro chipped by a breeder in Singapore, ensures that he uses mostly numbers of 8 in microchip tag numbers. The eastern culture has so much of belief in the number 8 as sign of future success especially for weddings for the very fact that the number 8 resembles a knot, representing a successful nion.Astronomically 8; the number of wealth is closely associated with the unique planet Saturn of our solar system. A small exercise of writing the numerals from 1 to 9 will teach you that the stroke of the pen end downwards for all the numbers as you finish except for 8 which ends upwards showing a healthy sign for prosperity and hope.8 written twice as 88 is particularly considered extremely lucky because it ensures the characters of "double happiness". The date 08/08/08 in Chinese Astrology, is considered as the year of the Rat, the month of the Monkey and the day of the Dragon. It just so happens that they fall under the category of similarity of characteristics.

Thus the three Chinese Zodiac animal are signs capable of existing together in harmony and thereby the Chinese strongly believes that the date 08/08/08 had been lucky for Rats, Monkeys and Dragons. There are other interesting facts about this number 8 which shows how much the Chinese people adhere to the fortune factor of this magical number. Most of the flights charted from the eastern countries have at least one 8 in them. Flight number AC88 flies from Shanghai to Toronto, Flight KL888 flies from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, Flight UA888, United Airlines fly from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, Flight UA88 takes the route from Beijing to Newyork and CX888 takes the airway from Hong Kong to Vancouver and New York. The airlines of Singapore book in advance flight numbers beginning with the number 8 especially to routes in China and Korea. With the belief of double fortune a favorable numbering system was followed by the developers of 39 Conduit Road Hong Kong, where the top floor was "88".The cyclic trait of this number also denotes the occurrence of good things repeatedly in our life. This number of luck, 8 is considered to bring lot of good even when we unexpectedly get to come across the number. The encounter of this number quite frequently is a promising good sign. This belief of the good fortune of the numeral 8 is been spread far and wide around China.

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