Astrological Remedies for good health

It is very much true that health is wealth. We can achieve even great things when our health is in a good status where mind and body become strong and full of life and energy. When the body is in a good health condition we can do things with ease and comfort. Astrology plays a major role in the physical health of a person

for the place of various planets in our horoscope indeed affects our health conditions. When it comes to the physical plane we are all affected by the placement of Venus in our chart for the expression of beauty in our lives.By reading a person's horoscope with the help of an astrologer apart from getting general information on health we can also get remedies for deeper karmic issues with health or beauty problems and targeted remedies. Astrology provides number of remedies to recover from bad health. By reading a horoscope, problems related to health issues of a person can be identified. Destruction to health caused by supernatural power of planetary combinations can be rectified by various astrological remedies.

Remedy for health

The astrologers, saints and the sages from ancient days have put forth with a number of remedies for malefic combination of planets. The astrologers strongly propound that the main reason behind the suffering of human with health related issues are the jataka doshas. However the same astrology which can read your health conditions also gives remedies from old astrological texts written by great astrologers and by implementing these remedies one can get away from health related issues.

 Remedy for power
Astrology is more than science an art form which helps in thoroughly understanding ourselves where it reaches inside a receptacle and search for physical expressions of our consciousness as well.Remedies in astrology can be best obtained just like in any other science say Ayurveda or Chinese medicine where the unique biological makeup and tendencies based on our astrological chart is studied and considered.The outcome of our physical expression which is mainly the result of our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world, so too it makes perfect, logical sense that any system that has extensively mapped our mind and spirit would also have wisdom to offer in the area of our health as well.

Astro-remedy for longevity
Though it may sound little inappropriate for today's world but certain actions like planting, eating, or dressing up with leaves, roots and stems of plants are likely to bring lot of changes and luck in a person's life. We should be very thankful for astrology and the astrologers who with their wise knowledge and with the help of both Vedic astrology, Indian Medical Science, mantra siddhi and meditation have come up with excellent remedies that will aid us in coming out of both mental and health related issues. The astrologers being fortune tellers either intentionally or unintentionally have to predict the psychic readings by using the horoscope and astro-symbolism as their opening.

We should be very thankful to the ancient saints and sages who took initiative to study astrology and provide pragmatic solutions for humanity and they have left behind lot of remedies related to wealthy health which is more practical for today's world. Experts in the field of astrology apart from providing general remedies for health issues can also by analyzing individuals birth chart and by reading the planetary positions successfully determine the cosmic effect which influences the health. The three main planets which determine the health problems and its associated remedies are Mars, Saturn and Sun. The Mars planet is concerned about the vigor and vitality of a person and the longevity and endurance is influenced by the Saturn planet. Life asserting energy is produced by the planet Sun.

The science of astrology gives various remedies for heath related problems. Some of the general tips or remedies given by the astrologers to come out from the health problems are like whenever we happen to cross a cemetery or a cremation ground we are supposed to drop one or two coins down on the road. It is highly preferable if it is a copper coin. This promises you a God like benefit at a required time. Health and thereby the happiness is highly ensured by at least donating once a month a yellow pumpkin in places like temples. It only works for the Hindu community but also for other religions says if you are Sikh then offer the pumpkin in the Gurudwara, it ensures you with good health and happiness. Astrology also states a remedy for diseases, disputes and thereby troubles in life. According to this remedy it is good to keep some water in a utensil at bedside during night before we go to sleep.

The next day when we get up need to take the water and pour it in such a place where it cannot be misused or reused for any other purpose. The best way to do this is to use this to water a plant. When Aditya Hrudayam is read 6 times a day and for 60 continuous days it gives better results for health issues. Along with the reading of Aditya Hrudayam, wheat food is recommended for 60 days. Daily chanting of surya mantra also gives best remedies related to health. Not only Surya mantra but also Sandhya vandanam takes care of health related problems. Reading of Sri Chandi Sapthasathi relieves from all major health problems especially psychological issues but however the best benefit is achieved by following certain niyamams when this is read. This has to be continuously read for one whole year. But when is not very sure of following niyamas then they can stick on to reading Sri Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram daily which does not require any niyamas to be followed.

The reading of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram along with fasting on the Ekadasi thithi acts as a big remedy to solve health problems. The stothram is read by holding tulasi leaves in right hand and once the chanting is completed the tulasi leaves has to be left at the feet of Lord Vishnu. The Namo Narayan Mantra chanting is another remedy given by the astrologers to fight with health problems. Astrology mostly gives remedies for health issues by different ways of approaching God and chanting their mantras. Rudra Kavacham which protects us from many evil factors also secures from ill health when read on daily basis.

When rudra kavacham is read, fasting on Monday is a must and also have to visit Shiva temple and offer abhishekams. For immediate cure from any illness chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra daily for 108 times will show a good result. Chant Maha Mrityunjaya mantra daily for 108 times for immediate help.Abhishekams to Lord Shiva with this mantra saves from health danger. For major health problems offer Mahanysa purvaka rudrabhishekam for 21 days continuously. This remedy cures all major health problems.

Lalitha sahasranama stothram when read by following all niyamas for 81 days it is very effective and heals lot of health related issues. Astrologers also recommended feeding a cow on every Sunday with wheat and offering kalasarpadosha pooja at Srikalahasthi for always maintaining a good health.

Astrology gives a clear picture of the influence of the stars and other planets in our birth chart which in turn affects our health. The following houses in the birth chart rule various health disorders like:

1st House: This Zodiac environment is the backdrop for your general well-being, body and personality

5th House: Helps suggest how to overcome health complications

6th House: Gives important indications about the nature of diseases your body may be experiencing

8th House: Reveals obstacles and even dramatic physical issues such as the loss of an organ due to disease or other significant health issues

11th House: Influences associated with this house can help suggest how to bring recovery from physical disorders

12th House: Determines factors for hospitalization and assists with analysis of possible defects in physique.

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