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Virgo- Pisces Compatibility

Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces but both can complement each other. They see things with different eyes, each will always be a mystery to the other. Virgo is motivated by reason, analysis, facts and logic. Pisces is guided by feelings, emotions, intuition and that strange ability to sense what is what. Virgo brings method to Pisces' madness, romance, imagination. Pisces can add a touch of intangible magic to Virgo's life.These astrological opposites could have been made for each other.It's when they're alone that this couple can really click.The Virgo's need to theorize about sex and then put it into practice, will provide the perfect counterbalance for the fish's fantasies and these two could try out everything under the sun.
Virgo-Pisces Compatibility
The down-to-earth Virgo can control those powerful Pisces feelings and fantasies and the fish will feel their Virgoan valentine is imbued with commonsense and is deliciously delectable. It's a perfect partnership and the Pisces will be able to color the Gary Virgo nature with all other colors of the rainbow, while the Virgo will inject no-nonsense black and white into the Pisces' personality. .In fact, they'll have such a mind-boggling sex life that it would he difficult to describe it.

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