A Virgo woman and a Pisces man do not have much things in common that compatibility is a matter of question here. Being opposite signs they do attract but will not be able to keep up with the tides of life. The Virgo girl would like his intellect and dreams and he would be captivated by her practicality towards life. Emotions would rule the roost here with this pair.
But if the Pisces guy lives in fantasy then this relationship is doomed for destruction. Virgo's perfection and Pisces' chaos simply cannot get along easily in life.

Virgo Woman-Pisces Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Pisces Couple

• Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

Compatibility for Romance

There would be much compatibility for romance between a Virgo woman and an Aquarius man. Both are into fantasy and dreams and hence are very romantic together.

But is true passion found here?, it's a question yet to get a correct answer..

Compatibility for Friendship

The Virgo female and her Pisces male do not have anything in common for a compatible friendly relationship. The relationship between them is not strong and trustworthy and is too chaotic that comradeship cannot survive here. Love, devotion and loyalty is also devoid with this pair that friendship is completely out of question.

Compatibility for Marriage

Compatibility for marriage is something that is not going to happen between a Virgo girl and a Pisces guy. Coz, they are opposite signs and the Virgo girl cannot keep up with the chaotic Pisces man in life. Though he would be full of romance he would not be able to channel it properly to his partner that the Virgo female finds left alone in a passionless world. Also Virgo's constant criticism for perfection cannot be tolerated by the easy-going Pisces fellow.

Compatibility for Sex

Compatibility in sex would be better between a Virgo female and a Pisces male. He makes all efforts to please and satisfy his girl. But then he would not be available at the time when the Virgo girl wants him the most. His straying or dreaming is likely to fool the Virgo girl away at times.

The End game

Incompatibility in the relationship would have created an un-cleanable mess that the end would be full of resentments and anger for the duo. Both feel that they have wasted their life with the wrong guy/girl. The Pisces guy would have already settled in a new-found relationship. But the Virgo female finds it a little difficult to lead life with worries and anxieties bothering here spirits.

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