The Sagittarius guy is an adventurous fellow always wanting to get freedom and independence. But the Taurus woman is just the opposite, reserved in nature. Somehow these two opposite signs get attracted initially. His flirts bring him near to the security-conscious Taurus female. But then the long term prospects of this combination is a big question mark.
The initial attraction gives way to frustration in the middle and there would be no common interests to keep the relationship grounded.

Taurus Woman-Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Sagittarius Couple

• Michelle Pfeiffer and John Malkovich

• Barbara Streisand and Don Johnson

• Valeria Bertinelli and Steven Spielberg

Compatibility for Romance

Both the Taurus woman and the Sagittarius man are not much interested in romance and passion.

Sagittarius would be much satisfied with a friendly gesture by the Taurus woman. She would be more than happy if her financial commitments are met and her stomach is full. Passion is not a great priority in life for both. Instead they divert their energy towards constructive purposes regarding mankind as a whole.

Compatibility for Friendship

This pair do not make great friends in life. Sagittarius is one who is very open and makes friends with almost everyone he comes across. His charm attracts people to him by the flock. This would affect the sentiments of the Taurus woman who is reserved and is one who is not much willing to be friends with anyone.

Compatibility for Marriage

There would not be better compatibility in the married life between a Sagittarius man and a Taurus woman. Unless they are the rarest among their zodiacs this relationship is not going to work. However they stick to the commitment they would have made. Each does not make efforts to satisfy the other. The patience of the Taurus female keep the relationship going. But she does not know that the Sagittarius guy is never going to change in life for the better.

Compatibility for Sex

There would not be much compatibility when it comes to having sex with this duo. This is because the Sagittarius guy is not much interested in sex and sensual pleasures while the Taurus female craves for it. But then she would not be satisfied by him. She would get tired of luring or seducing him to bed.

The End game

When it is the end of the relationship, the Sagittarius guy would be least bothered about it. He would be insensitive to the issue. The Taurus woman on the other hand would be equally unaffected because she had not been in a committed relationship to feel the relationship slipping hands. Rating 2/10