Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility

Sagittarius friends are said to be highly eccentric. They are charming, aggressive, dynamic, adventurous and enthusiastic with life and make quite a lot of friends.

They make friends with a wide variety of people and go with the flow of life. They are very good in communication skills.

A Sagittarius as a friend cannot bear very close friendships however. They hate emotional closeness and like to maintain a distance. They cannot keep secrets and preach a lot which might bother some of us.

Sagittarius friendship Compatibility:Relationships with Cancer and Taurus can be turbulent. Sagittarius can also experience issues when befriending Pisces and Virgo, sometimes even Gemini.

Sagittarius are Friendly with: Libra Libra, Aquarius Aquarius, Aries Aries and Leo Leo.

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